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Common Intimacy Issues

by Jessica Amey

At some point in your relationship it’s likely that you will run into some kind of intimacy issue.

Whether it’s been carried forward from a previous relationship or a new one that has arisen 20 years into an existing relationship, they can start at any time and if not worked on can lead to bigger relationship problems.

Intimacy can be a really scary thing, you have to make yourself vulnerable and that can be incredibly difficult if you’ve had your trust broken in the past.

Intimacy issues aren’t just based around sex, they include any form of getting close to someone whether physically or just verbally. For some people just looking in their partner’s eyes and telling them they love them can be terrifying.

Here are a few of the most common intimacy issues in relationships…

Fear of Intimacy
This can make it really difficult to form close relationships, the person with the fear will usually feel that they are unworthy of love and therefore don’t want to let people in-case they are rejected.

Negative body image
This is something that affects both men and women and can cause huge issues when it comes to physical intimacy. Lots of people keep the lights off in the bedroom or won’t get undressed in front of their partners. This is becoming a bigger problem due to unrealistic body images that people are exposed to now on social media.

Performance anxiety
There is so much pornographic content around on social media these days and it can set unrealistic expectations for people when it comes to their actions in bed. It can lead to people worrying they aren’t good enough in bed which will of course stop them enjoying themselves.

Communication struggles
Sex can be a difficult thing to talk about for a lot of people, especially those who grew up in households where it wasn’t a natural topic of conversation, if it came up at all. It’s so important to be able to discuss it with your partner though.

Medical issues
There are some medical problems which can affect a person’s love life, even ones such as stress, but it’s important you don’t struggle alone. Honesty is so important when it comes to improving intimacy in your relationship. Going to see your GP or seeking other help could change your whole life and no matter what the issue you won’t be the only person suffering with it.

If you recognise any of these issues then there is help available, this article by ReGain has more information on all of these topics and how you can overcome them.

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