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Help Your Dog Get A Good Night’s Sleep

by Jessica Amey

Sleep is so important for humans and equally as important for dogs, it’s no secret that when you get a puppy you will end up with some sleepless nights whilst they settle in and get used to their new environment. During this time it’s really important to stick to some guidelines, it can be super tempting to get into bad habits just for some sleep but that can lead to issues down the line which will be harder to fix.

Did you know that adult dogs need between 12-15 hours of sleep a day? This is a mixture of sleep at night and daytime naps. Puppies actually need a bit more at 18 hours and this will include lots of naps throughout the day, just like babies really they need to rest after being stimulated by everything around them.

Here are a few tips to help your dog get a good night’s sleep…

Have more than one sleep area
As well as their main bed which should be in warm and quiet area, you can also have a sleep area in other areas of the home such as the living room or kitchen. This will encourage your dog to have some rest time whilst they are also close to you.

Avoid bed-sharing
This is an easy habit to get into but it can lead to both owner and dog losing sleep which isn’t going to be beneficial in the long-term.

Make sure beds are comfortable
Whether using a bed or crate make sure they are comfortable. Check them over time for signs of wear and tear and replace when the padding has worn out. Adding a blanket can make them extra cosy during winter.

Make sure the area is dark
Just like us, dogs will sleep better in the dark. Buying a black out blind can help them sleep in longer during the summer.

Time meals wisely
Adult dogs can sleep better with a full tummy but puppies might end up needing the toilet in the night if they eat too late so make sure you plan for this.

Take them for a toilet break before bed
Always a good practice no matter whether you are a human or dog!

Choose their food carefully
Some dog food contains lots of preservatives which can affect your dogs sleep, read through the ingredients and choose ones that are as natural as possible.

Speak to your vet
If your dog still isn’t sleep well despite trying everything you can think of then it might be worth seeking help from a vet. They have experience in this area and will be able to help you.

For lots more tips and advice you can check out the #SleepForDogs campaign by Lords and Labradors.

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