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How To Keep Your Outdoor Pond Clean And Healthy

by Jessica Amey

Water quality in a pond is important for creating a healthy habitat for fish. Even if it appears clear, it might have one or more issues that can impact various species’ health and longevity.

If you have a pond or are considering installing one, you must learn how to care for it to ensure it cares for your fish. Read the following advice on how to keep your outdoor pond clean and healthy.

Don’t Overpopulate Your Pond
You might want to incorporate much fish to add pops of colour or activity into your pond. Yet, an overpopulated pond can cause an imbalance in its water quality, as it can reduce oxygen levels while increasing toxins, such as ammonia and nitrate.

Follow the rule of thumb of adding no more than ten inches of fish for every ten gallons of water in your pond. If you currently have too many fish, you must find them a new home, such as with a local pond retailer.

Choose the Right Pump
A pond pump’s purpose is to move and circulate water around the pond to prevent it from settling and stagnating. It must circulate the pond’s entire water volume once per hour. Also, a pump will add oxygen into the water, which is essential for fish and plant life survival. Visit water-garden.co.uk for pond pumps to match your specific needs.

Remove Debris from the Pond
Decaying debris, leftover fish food, and fish waste can each increase a pond’s ammonia levels, which can be life-threatening for your fish. If you often notice fish jumping from the water, it is likely due to an ammonia increase, and it typically happens following an algae treatment.

A pond skimmer will allow you to remove various debris from the water, such as leaves, small sticks, or rubbish. Buy an ammonia test to review its levels, and you can treat it with a neutraliser if it is too high.

Use a Pond Filter
A pond filter must always match the size of your outdoor pond. It will remove surface debris from the water, such as sticks and leaves. Also, it can keep the pond clean of algae, which can produce toxins and deplete oxygen levels.

Add the Correct Balance of Plants
You mustn’t incorporate too many plants around a pond, as it may lead to oxygen deficiencies at night. The plants will absorb oxygen while producing carbon dioxide, which will impact the health and survival of your fish. Aim to strike a balance of between 40% to 60% of plants covering or shading a pond.

Top Up the Water Level
It is essential to routinely review your outdoor pond’s water level and top it up when needed. It will maintain the water balance while preventing a build-up of salt and minerals. Add a small amount of water regularly and avoid topping it up with large amounts.

Follow the above advice to create a clean, healthy environment for fish, plants, frogs, and more.

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