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Kitchen Looking A Little Tired? Wake It Up With These Helpful Tips!

by Jessica Amey

We’ve all seen the pristine white kitchens on TV and film, or even in the countless kitchen showroom adverts we see between our favourite programmes. But the reality of it is, our kitchens are very rarely so pristine! Especially when you’re a busy parent; the kitchen really takes a lot of daily abuse!

But when all the pans have been soaked and put away, and the dishwasher has been stacked, switched on and then emptied again, when the floor has been swept and mopped and all the countertops wiped clean…you may be surprised to find that your kitchen is looking a little drab…

But don’t worry! Here you’ll find a few helpful tips and ideas of how to give your kitchen a little bit of a freshen up!

Check out the floor
From spills and splatters, to sploshes and splashes, your kitchen floor has seen it all. So, it’s no surprise it might be looking a little worse for wear. When was the last time you had a new kitchen floor? Online stores like discountflooringdepot have a huge range of flooring solutions and options to choose from and if you live in a rented property then don’t worry; how about a nice rug? Something non-slip would be ideal and it’s a nice way to add a little texture and even a pop of colour
into your busy kitchen.

Paint your cabinets and update those handles
If your cabinets are wooden or are so old you have no idea what they’re made of, then this tip could be for you! Try a lovely bright colour to really transform your kitchen and transport it into the present day – or even the future! Alternatively, opt for more muted colours, pastels or creams – again, if you live in a rented property, this is a lovely way to make the property feel more personal to you!

Once you’ve finished painting, you may find that the handles no longer look right. So, head to your local DIY store and see what you can pick up there. Installing new handles and door pulls will always make your kitchen feel new.

Introduce some greenery
Everyone loves plants, right? Did you know that they actually boost your mood too? There may not be masses of room in your kitchen, but maybe a few hanging plants here and there could give your kitchen a really fresh look. Plants that do well in hot and humid environments are ideal. Or if you’re not the best at keeping plants alive, opt for some false flowers in a well-placed vase.

Lighten up
There’s nothing worse than chopping away in the dark! Make your kitchen as bright as it is lively and install a new light fixture. Illuminate those dark corners too, so you can really see what you’re doing. A stylish light feature will instantly give your kitchen the wow-factor and make your kitchen the room everyone wants to be in!

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