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My Latest Crochet Projects

by Jessica Amey

I’ve gone absolutely crochet mad lately, I’ve had the biggest and longest burst of enthusiasm since I started crocheting just over two years ago. I just want to start new projects and spend all my free time crocheting so I thought I would do a little blog post about my latest crochet projects. I do have an Instagram dedicated to crochet (@DiscoSlothDesigns) so you can head over and follow me there if you like looking at crochet as much as I do. It’s where I share all the projects I work on, not just ones that I’ve designed myself to sell.

I think working on dreamcatchers and necklaces to sell for so long ended up feeling quite restrictive so given that my stock levels aren’t going down (I’ve only sold one!), I thought I would spend some time working on blankets again and trying new patterns to broaden my skills. along came cherry crochet

I found a crochet book in the library last week, 150 crochet blocks by Sarah Hazell and thought it would be fun to try some different crochet square patterns. Here are the ones I’ve tried so far..

This granny square with four flowers in the middle took me hours! You have to make each flower separately and interlink them, it also had a few stitches that I hadn’t used before. I still find it quite hard to understand proper crochet patterns so I had to re-read each part about a million times, there might be a few mistakes but I’m happy with how it turned out. I can’t say I could make enough for a blanket though!! It’s a one off square for me 😉

Then there is this star in a granny square, this one was much simpler to make and reminds me of the beach.

This square was fun to make as it started in a corner not the centre. I really like the colours together too.

flower crochet granny square

This is another square from the book but I love it so much I’m carrying it on into a blanket. Will share another photo soon as I’ve made quite a lot of progress. I love patterns like this as you can just pick it up and do a few rounds when you have a spare moment, it feels easier than starting a whole new square.

colourful crochet blanket

I’ve recently finished this crochet lampshade too, I made a really bright coloured one last year but wanted to do a more neutral one to go in our living room. The pattern is in edition 62 of Mollie Makes and I found it really simple to follow.

crocheted lampshade

I spotted everyone making these heart in a granny square on Instagram ages ago but gave a written pattern a go and couldn’t work it so when I spotted Bella Coco had made a video tutorial I gave it a go and mastered the technique. Her videos are so easy to follow, I’ve said it before but her granny square tutorial was how I learnt to crochet so do check her channel out if you want to learn how. I’m going to turn these into a blanket. I’ve also started a giant chunky version which I haven’t taken a photo of yet.

crochet projects heart in a granny square blanket

I made all these sunburst granny squares ages ago but finally got around to joining them. I’ve since added the first part of the border and will be adding a pom pom edging soon so will share how it looks after. The pattern was a video tutorial, also by Bella Coco.


crochet projects sunburst granny square blanket

Then lastly is this tulip stitch blanket, this is the biggest blanket I’ve worked on but I’m really enjoying it, I thought I would struggle with the long length but actually I prefer it because there won’t be a million squares to join up after. The pattern is also by Bella Coco.

So these are all my recently finished or work in progress crochet projects. Next on my list are some of the gorgeous patterns on Set Free My Gypsy Soul’s website, her Instagram is stunning and I love all the bright colours she uses. Do go and check her out if you love colourful crochet.