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Trying Out Some New Vegan Recipes

by Jessica Amey

I bought a vegan cookbook by Aine Carlin a few months ago, it’s called ‘Keep It Vegan’ and was only £5 on Amazon which is a total bargain. Now I’ve had the chance to cook a few vegan recipes from it I wanted to do a little blog post about it as I rate it really highly. Every recipe I’ve made has been delicious and they are really simple to make too.

keep it vegan aine carlin

So far I’ve made the lentil lasagne which I don’t have a photo of but it was really good. On Saturday we had the stir-fry which was super tasty. The sauce was really easy to make with things like sesame oil and sweet chilli sauce then it was topped with toasted sesame seeds.

vegan recipes stir fry

We also had this pea and mint risotto, Cherry has been asking to make this for so long but I kept putting it off because I didn’t really think I would like it that much but I was so wrong, it was delicious. Amazing how it was so creamy when it didn’t have any cream in it, it only needed a few ingredients too so super cheap to make.

pean and mint vegan risotto

At the weekend we made the Mexican lasagne, I used these butternut squash sheets instead of tortilla wraps which Matt wasn’t overly happy about but I can’t seem to find any tortilla wraps that aren’t full of preservatives and tonnes of strange sounded ingredients so thought it would be a better option. It was actually really good. You make the refried beans and roasted sweet potato to go in it so there are lots of different flavours and textures. I didn’t get a photo of the finished thing but did take one during the layering process.

butternut sqaush lasagne sheets

vegan recipes mexican lasagne

We also make the American style pancakes all the time, usually for breakfast at the weekend. I top them with fruit and vegan cream and they are delicious.

vegan pancakes

So if you are looking for a cheap vegan cookbook with some tried and tested vegan recipes then I would definitely recommend this book. This isn’t an ad by the way, I just wanted to share with you. If you are interested then you can find it here.

We still have a long list of meals to make from it, the kids like to go through and pick things out to make. We are having macaro-no cheese tonight 🙂

I use loads of coconut oil when cooking, it has loads of health benefits, in moderation obviously, and you can also use it on dry skin or for oil pulling, so many uses! Why not try adding some coconut oil to your diet?

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