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Little Man at 16 Months

by Jessica Amey

I had been planning to do monthly updates for Tiger until he was one but in my true useless fashion I only made it to Little Man at Ten Months then forgot all about it for six months.

I thought it was about time I did an update though because there is quite a lot to report now, much more than the updates from when he was two weeks old!

The last month has seen him really burst into character. It’s such a fun age and I can be entertained for ages just watching him and trying to understand what is going on in his mind.

He has been walking for a few months now and is speeding up by the day, this has made everyone’s life so much happier as he was so frustrated before he could walk. It really has changed him.


He’s also started speaking lots, not as much as Cherry was at his age, I could have full conversations with her but everyday he is saying new words and I would say he now has 30+ recognisable words in his vocabulary. He is able to tell me when he wants a drink / dinner etc so he isn’t getting as frustrated all the time which is nice. They are all pretty standard first words: juice, more, dat (cat), dodgy (doggy), dar (car), mama, Cherry, teddy, dropped it, breakfast, bar (biscuit)..

Occasionally he will come out with some corkers, the other day he was running around shouting ‘vagina’ which was pretty amusing and he is going through a phase of saying ‘bat poo’ a lot at the moment. No idea why or where he got it from!

By far his favourite word is tractor. The boy is obsessed with tractors, and cars, and anything that has wheels. It’s so funny because I don’t recall Cherry ever even noticing a tractor but he loves them. He doesn’t pay any attention to cartoons but will happily sit and watch Top Gear hypnotised with his mouth open in admiration of all the cars.



He does also have a love of pink handbags and sunglasses though.

He absolutely adores his big sister and tries to copy EVERYTHING she does. It’s something that you don’t think about when imagining life with two kids but I find I have to stop Cherry doing things that I wouldn’t otherwise because otherwise to try and stop Tiger copying and hurting himself.

Which takes me on to my next point, he is always hurting himself. We are actually starting to worry he is going to be some kind of thrill-seeker. I watch him climb up on to something and hang over the side and he has a look of pure joy on his face, if he falls he doesn’t learn his lesson either, he will get right back up and do it again!

He is such a cuddly little monkey, he doesn’t go long without going to give one of us a little cuddle even if it’s just a head on our leg for a few seconds. He gives lots of spontaneous kisses too which is lovely.

He shakes his head every time you ask him a question.

He loves the bath and would happily play in water all day.

He loves the garden and goes to stand by the door shouting ‘yesh’ (yes) until someone lets him outside.



He’s such a little sweetie pie and I am really enjoying getting to know him a little bit more each day.

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