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Our Weekend Through The Samsung K Zoom Lens

by Jessica Amey

This weekend we went to spend the day at Dunster Castle to put the camera on the Samsung K Zoom to the test.

If you haven’t seen one before then from the front it looks like your average smartphone but from the back (when the camera is in use) it looks like this which in my opinion is pretty impressive and not the way you expect a phone to look.

samsung k zoom

As a die hard iPhone fan I was interested to see how this would compare. I have heard that in terms of smartphones Samsung phones are as good, if not better, and although I love my iPhone I find the quality of the photos pretty poor. They are fine for Instagram but when it comes to printing them off they don’t look good at all and although I usually take my DSLR for days out it’s my phone that I have to hand for those everyday moments.

Having used the Samsung K Zoom all weekend I can say that the camera is undoubtedly better than the camera on my iPhone 5S, in fact it’s even better than the compact camera I used to own. I’m so impressed with it and genuinely surprised that a camera on a phone can be so good.

One of the things I love is how wide the lens is. Nearly all of the photos I took have been left uncropped so you can see how much you can fit into the frame.

And the other thing I love is that the photos didn’t need much editing, in fact some of them have had nothing adjusted which never happens usually. If I use my DSLR then I edit them in Photoshop and if I use my iPhone then I use editing apps. Being able to use them straight from the phone is so much easier.

You can use the camera on auto or it also comes with lots of other modes including continuous shot, beauty face, virtual tour, shot and more, pro suggest, HDR, night, selfie alarm , panorama and program which I used. It comes with a 10x optical zoom and for all the other technical information see here.

Dunster is a lovely little place and the castle grounds are gorgeous, we actually signed up for National Trust memberships while we were there because if you pay by monthly direct debit it only works out at £8 a month. I’m actually so excited about it, a true sign I’m getting old 😉

Cherry found this pink suitcase in a charity shop last week and has been carrying it around with her ever since, as well as her Doc McStuffins doctor set. She had to stop every two minutes to check someones ‘heart beep’!

Samsung K Zoom Review 1

Samsung K Zoom 2

Samsung K Zoom 3

Samsung K Zoom 4

Samsung K ZOOM 5

Samsung K Zoom 6

Samsung K Zoom 7

Samsung K Zoom 8

Checking out ‘selfie mode’!

Samsung K Zoom 9

Samsung K Zoom 10

Samsung K Zoom 12

Trying to get both kids looking at the camera is so hard!

Samsung K Zoom 13

Samsung K Zoom 14

Samsung K Zoom 15

Giving Tiger an injection!

Samsung K Zoom 16

The only thing I would say is that if your subject isn’t very good at keeping still (like my children!!) then using it on continuous shot mode will minimise the risk of getting a blurry photo. Having said that I took all of these in normal mode and although there were a couple of blurry out-takes the rest were of excellent quality, much better than my iPhone.

If you want to see lots more photos taken with the Samsung K Zoom then take a look at 100 Days of Family. It’s following 50 families through the lens of their phone this summer and there is lots of gorgeous photos capturing family moments.

I’m SO impressed with this camera and using my iPhone again is actually a bit disappointing.

In terms of phone capability it has a really large, bright screen which has all the features you would want from a mobile phone these days. Mr C has been using it and he can’t stand iPhones because he finds them too small and can’t type properly. He doesn’t have that problem on this one as there is much more space between the keys. It comes with Dropbox on the home screen too which is a useful feature.

It’s a really great phone and an even better camera.

We were provided with the phone and castle tickets for the purpose of this review but all the words and opinions are my own.

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