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Monster Jam 2019

by Jessica Amey

A couple of weeks ago we headed up to Cardiff for Monster Jam 2019, we went last year and had a great time so were really excited to be invited back.

The event takes place at the Principality Stadium which is absolutely huge, it really is quite amazing to be in there, for us anyway, coming from a small village in Dorset!

We went to the pit part in the morning so we could get up close to all the monster trucks and queue to have photos with the drivers, I have to admit we didn’t do that but the Grave Digger queue was massive.

We were happy to have a photo with the tyre though!

In between the pit party and the main show we went for a walk into town, I really like Cardiff.

We also went to check out a new vegan junk food diner called Greazy Vegan which was amazing, didn’t manage to take any photos of the food as we were so hungry but I had a double cheese burger with bacon and chips plus the most amazing strawberry milkshake, the best vegan one I’ve had. Cherry had the southern fried chicken kids meal which was delish, definitely recommend if you are visiting.

greazy vegan cardiff

We then ended up in Kingdom of Sweets which the kids loved, crazy loud music and sweets everywhere!

Then it was time to head back to the stadium, the show was great but one thing was a bit annoying, the bloody air horns that so many kids had been bought! Now I don’t want to sound like a total killjoy but I can’t stand them and honestly don’t understand why anyone would buy them for their kids, the sound is deafening and so irritating.

Last year they didn’t allow them in the stadium, Matt can remember seeing signs up and I don’t remember it being an issue when we were in there however this time they must have changed the rules and allowed them in because we were surrounded by them.

We were expecting a loud show because we went last year but that was bearable but because the air horns were in there this year it really took the sound levels up and as a result poor Tiger was struggling, I went out to find some ear protectors but they were £25 and really crap quality however thankfully the lady next to us had a spare pair that she let Tiger borrow, so kind of her!

You can actually see the boy with one of the horns in front, they are such awful things, and such a waste of plastic too!! I think they need to be banned from being sold anywhere in the world!

We did still have a good time, the trucks have to race and do tricks so it’s super entertaining to watch and monster trucks are just cool to watch because they are so big.

The Grave Digger one again, although he was actually the best this time. I’m not sure if anyone else ever wins?! He seems to be the ultimate favourite of everyone.

Oh one other thing was that they did a laser show at the start of last years but didn’t this time which was a shame as it was a great start to the show.

It makes a great family day out though and if you aren’t as sensitive to the sound of air horns as us then you will love it!

Monster Jam is coming to Coventry on June the 8th so you still have time to see a show this year, if not then you can sign up for notifications about next year’s UK shows. Click here for more info.

We were provided with tickets to see the show in return for a blog review, all words and opinions are my own.

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