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A Spooky Visit To Bodmin Jail, Cornwall

by Jessica Amey

During our visit to Cornwall to stay in a yurt at The Park a couple of weeks ago we stopped off at Bodmin Jail, I don’t know what it is about looking round old jails but we were all pretty intrigued by it and the kids didn’t moan at all during our time there which is quite rare for them these days. The building is steeped in history and walking around it is truly fascinating. The exhibition part is set over different floors and it does really take you back to what life must have been like.

One of the floors is full of cells that have had figures added to re-enact some of the reasons that people were sent to the prison, I have to admit that I’m pretty glad Cherry can’t read that well yet because I avoiding telling her a lot of the stories due to them being pretty horrible so if you have really sensitive children who are good readers then it might not be suitable but they’ve done it where just looking into the cells doesn’t give the story away.

After you come out of the exhibition you can go around the outside to see the old empty cells, it’s so creepy!! They also have an execution pit, some of the reasons people were hung were ridiculous. A few people had just stolen some sheep!

bodmin jail

visiting bodmin jail


bodmin jail


bodmin jail cornwall

bodmin jail prison cells cornwall

They run scary movie nights and after dark visits which would be so much fun, if you are a lot braver then me. You can even get married there!

If you are ever in Cornwall then I would 100% recommend a stop off at Bodmin Jail , it’s just so eerie and there is so much interesting information to read. There is a section about all the children that ended up in prison as well as riots that broke out and prisoners that managed to escape. You can find out more over on the website, I haven’t been asked to write this post by the way, we just had a really good time.

I made a little video of our trip down to Cornwall too…

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