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Once Upon A Time There Was A Mouse…

by Jessica Amey

It’s been a while since the last instalment of things Cherry says so this is a collection I’ve had on my phone for ages.

There was one conversation I had with her which freaked me out but I can’t make sense of the notes I took enough to add it, it was something to do with getting old and me asking her if she knew what it meant and she said ‘yes mummy, it’s when you fill the whole sky’.. creepy?!

There was also a conversation we had when I had just stopped breastfeeding Tiger, I was telling her why it was sad and she paused for a bit then said ‘well it could be sadder mummy’, nothing like a three year old to put things into perspective!

Here are the rest…

‘That’s like totally cray cray’

‘Mummy, I can’t clean up that washing because I have to pick Elsa up from school’

‘What does that child want’ (talking about her brother)

‘Mummy, Tiger is trying to restroy (destroy) me’

‘Tiger let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a dark, freezing woods with a big, scary, horrible monster who liked to eat little babies all up’

‘I’m my own teacher’

‘I can’t read Tiger that story, I’ve ran out of story power’

‘Yes I want to paint it turkboys blue’ (turquoise!)

Me: ‘Oh great, I haven’t got any razors and I need to shave my legs’ / Cherry: ‘We’ve got grapes though mummy, they are like raisins’

‘Once upon a time there was a mouse and one day he got dead’

‘Tiger do you want some hot or cold Pimm’s O’ Clock?’

‘Mummy it wasn’t me who chucked it on the floor, it was my dress’

‘Tiger where have you been, I was just about to text you, we’re late for the party’

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