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Siblings {November}

by Jessica Amey

I’ve been incredibly unorganised this month and only actually realised yesterday morning that it was the 10th today but despite me having all day to take the wall photos I actually couldn’t as I was so wiped out from Blogfest on Saturday. Plus the kids didn’t get dressed all day. I couldn’t even take pyjama photos as Mr C had got them ready for bed the night before and they were wearing very random bed clothes!

So I will add the wall photo in during the week.

I do have a couple of iPhone snaps of my siblings this month though, one of which is a favourite of mine.

I took this in a cafe and I just love it, I’ve mentioned before that Cherry really didn’t like Tiger for the first year of his life but now they are such good friends and share with each other so nicely, this photo represents that for me.


And this one looks like an incredibly boring photo but it actually really got me thinking. I was cooking dinner at the time and started thinking back to the same time last year when Tiger wouldn’t let me do anything without screaming.

Now Tiger is over 18 months life has got so much easier, that first year was so full on, especially as I was breastfeeding so the responsibility was all on me. It’s now at the stage where the kids play or sit quietly together while I cook dinner. I have my freedom back and can do things like go to London for the day or go to sewing classes in the evening…but do I appreciate it?! NO!! All I am doing now is thinking how I want another baby!!

Bloody hormones. I watch my two and can’t help but think how nice it would be for their to be a larger group of them, Mr C and I are both one of four and I like the idea of them having other siblings. Mr C… not so much.

We shall see!

photo (1)

And can you believe next month will be the end of a year of Siblings?! I can’t, I honestly CANNOT believe that to be the case. It is so so scary.

I’m sending you over to Hayley this month, she blogs as Shutterflies and takes the most gorgeous photos of her two beautiful kiddies, definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already 🙂

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