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The Ultimate House Building Checklist

by Jessica Amey

Building a house brick by brick is a massive project to take on no matter what your experience or skill set. The act of building a home is something which takes a whole lot of planning, sweat, and time, and it can be a huge chunk taken out of your time. 

Whether you decide to choose a professional firm such as Redrow to help you with the project or not, there are many things to consider and juggle when undertaking a project like this. 

If you are thinking about trying your hand at building a house this year, here are all of the steps you will need to take on. 

Prepare the site 
Whether you have a plain plot or land or you have levelled a previous building, you will need to prepare the land for work. This means digging out plants and flattening a surface for the foundations, as well as making sure that the environment is safe to build on. 

Foundation construction
Once the land is ready it is time to lay your foundation. This should be a job you take time on because it will keep the house straight and will prevent subsidence. 

Once a foundation is laid you will need to think about framing the home structure. This will mean adding your metal or wooden frame in place ready for roof and wall placement later on. 

Windows and doors
Before you build the walls of the home, it is best practice to set out spaces for the doors to be installed and to install the windows right away. Try your best to install plenty of windows to the house to let in as much light as you can. Also, make sure you face many of the main areas of your house to the south for maximum light. 

Get building the roof and secure the shelter of the home from the get go. 

Once the roof and windows are in place you can start creating siding for the home to seal it off from the elements. 

Rough electrical and plumbing
As soon as the home is watertight you can start laying plumbing and electrical systems throughout the home. This can take a lot of time and effort so be vigilant. 

Rough HVAC and Insulation
Now it’s time to get the heating system installed so that your home can stay warm. Choosing the right boiler is an important decision, you can find out a British Gas boiler cost here.

Once cables and pipes are in place you can start to install drywall to finish each room and prepare it for plastering. 

Now is the ideal time to underlay the floor and add some floor boards. 

Install cabinets 
Once the structure of each room is complete, you can go ahead and install cabinets and cupboards in both the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Finish the electrics 
Do a final check on the electrical systems and make sure that they are perfectly balanced and ready for action. 

The floor 
Finish the flooring with a layer of carpet, hardwood, or any other flooring or your choice. 

Install appliances 
Install any fitted appliances such as a washing machine, oven and fridge. 

Finishing touches 

Now it’s time to decorate and enjoy your new home!

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