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Ultimate Packing List For A Beach Day

by Jessica Amey

It actually feels like we’ve been having a proper summer this year, I’m sure we’ve had more sunny days so far than we had in the whole of last year. I hope it lasts until September!

We live really close to the coast which means it’s a bit cooler down here than further inland because of the sea breeze, usually that is a bit annoying but when it’s this warm it ends up being a real positive.

We’ve been living down by the coast for two years now and at this time of year make it down to the beach a few times a week, sometimes more. My favourite time to go down is actually in the evening, it’s less busy and is so calming when the sun is setting.

If you are going down for the whole day though you need to pack so much, it’s a military operation! We usually walk but when we are going down with all the gear we drive because it’s too much to carry!

I’ve put together my ultimate packing list for a day a the beach, no doubt I will have missed something off so feel free to let me know!


Body Boards – depending on the age of your kids these can provide loads of entertainment. Cherry loves hers.

Beach shoes – mine don’t actually use these as they tend to just enter the sea on the sandy areas but if you are on a really pebbly beach then they can help with the pain of walking on stones!

Buckets & spades – my two love playing with sand and water!

Wind Break – this is the UK and the sea breeze can sometimes be a bit chilly!!

Picnic Blankets / Chairs / Sun Loungers РSitting on sand or stones for a long period of time can be really uncomfortable!

Towels – Lightweight ones are great as they take up less room and dry quicker.

Food and Drink – My two get really hungry when we are at the beach! A cool box is a good idea too. If you are going later in the day then a BBQ is a fun idea too.

Suncream – With the sea breeze you sometimes think it’s not that hot but that’s the time you’re most at risk of burning, as Matt found out last year!

Games – A bat and ball game can be really fun to play at the beach.

Swimwear – Whether you are planning to go swimming or not, swimwear is still a good idea at the beach as it will keep you cool and allow you to sunbathe. Simply Be have a large range of bikinis and swimsuits, ranging from black to floral.

Sunhat – To keep the sun off your face.

Parasol – For the kids to play under if it’s really hot.

Cash – If you are somewhere with a beach cafe then the kids might want an ice-cream to cool down on a hot day.

Looking through this list I am reminded why we don’t do the full beach day experience very often, but it’s always fun when we do!

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