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It Feels Like Home To Me

by Jessica Amey

If you’d have asked me a month ago what felt like home then I would have said being inside my home, but as you know we moved house recently and our new house doesn’t really feel like home to me yet. It’s slowly getting there and I know it will eventually but there is a lot to do here and we haven’t even been able to pack away all our stuff yet as we need lots of new furniture. There is somewhere that does feels like home to me though and that’s our new surroundings.

The neighbours are so friendly and being near to the coast just feels like the right place for us to be. Looking out to sea is great for putting your worries into perspective and the kids absolutely love it as it has all their favourite things, sand, stones and water.

The other good thing about being near the coast is the fact we can just pop down for a while without feeling the need to make the most of our time there. We’ve been to the beach a few times since we moved and it looks different every time due to the way the tide pulls the rocks back out, it’s amazing to see and I don’t think we will ever get bored of it.

Christy Towels recently asked me what feels like home to me. Crochet plays a big part, it’s my thing to look and way to spend my time (when I’m not too tired), and then the only other things I need to feel at home are my family. As long as we are together, with my huge collection of yarn and supplies, then we can be anywhere.

We have started taking towels down to the beach with us now as there are usually big areas of water that the kids end up playing in but yesterday the sun had gone in by the time we got down there so the towels actually ended up being used as blankets to keep warm. Christy Supreme Hygro® towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton-rich products and they are super soft, plus come in lots of different colours. We love Lagoon which just happened to match the beach huts perfectly.

Christy are running a competition at the moment where you can win a room makeover so that your house really #feelslikehome. It includes a set of Christy Supreme Hygro® towels, robes, rugs and bed linen set worth £520. All you have to do is answer the question on the competition page. You can read the full terms and conditions over there too. And if you would like to know more about the cotton used to make the towels then you can also read all about it here.


What feels like home to you?

Post in association with Christy Towels.

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