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Family Fun in the Sun: Enjoy The Summer While it Lasts!

by Jessica Amey

It can feel like we wait around forever for the summer to get here, and then it goes by in the blink of an eye. For this reason it’s important to make the most of the weather while it lasts and use the warm, long days as an excuse to socialise more with the ones that matter and have time with our family. If you don’t have any plans so far for this summer, here are a few ways to help you to make the most of it.

Go on a last minute holiday abroad

Most of us spend the whole year planning our summer holiday, however sometimes a last minute spontaneous decision can end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done. If you’ve not booked one this year, perhaps thinking you don’t have enough money, it might be time to think again. You can often get some fantastic deals with last minute holidays, and if you book a package trip you’re safe in the knowledge that once you’re away you won’t run out of cash. As your flights, hotel, food, drink and entertainment on the resort will all be included. We might have enjoyed a really nice heat wave here in the UK in recent weeks, but travelling somewhere new is never a bad thing and so if you do have the ability to get away this year then go for it!

Go camping

Whether or not you’ve already got a holiday abroad booked, going camping in the country where you live is always still worthwhile. It’s cheap, fun and suits all the family- you could go rustic with a tent or get a more ‘home from home’ feeling with a caravan, glamping pod or chalet. You could book a touristy kind of campsite, or you could find a good location in woods or fields providing its safe and legal. It’s the perfect way to get kids away from their screens and enjoying the outdoors- try out fishing, hiking, biking and orienteering. They can learn skills like how to read a map, compass or pitch a tent. You could all sing songs around the campfire and tell stories, it’s a lot of fun and best of all it doesn’t cost much.

Host a barbeque

We all lead such busy lives, and unfortunately that can often mean that we don’t get to socialise or see loved ones as much as we’d like. However, the summer with its long warm evenings is the perfect chance to get everyone together, and there’s no better way to do that than with great food and drink! Barbeques are always crowd pleasers – if you live close to any nice outdoor spots you can even take a disposable BBQ and do it somewhere new. Invest in a couple of big drinks dispensers and mix up some tasty cocktails that people can help themselves to. It saves you having to keep mixing drinks and people can add their own garnishes and other bits and pieces if they’d like.

Go on a picnic

Another way to enjoy good food and drink with loved ones is to go on a picnic together. Find a pretty location, a nice park or some scenic gardens for example and arrange to all come along. Bring a nice big picnic blanket and some picnic cups, plates and cutlery and enjoy an alfresco lunch in the sunshine. If you have friends and family that live a fair distance from each other, this is ideal as you can choose a central location that suits everyone. Once you’re done, you can enjoy your surroundings whether it’s a paddle in the sea if you’re at the beach, a walk around the gardens or some games in the park. One fun idea is to ask everyone to bring a dish each, you could assign sweet, savoury, snacks, salads etc to different people so you don’t get any repeats. But it’s a great way for you to all sample each others food, it works out cheap for everyone and you get plenty of selection.

The summer will be over and done with before you know it, make some memories while it’s still nice outdoors. Book some time off work if you can, enjoy the weather with those who matter and make sure summer 2018 doesn’t just pass you by!

What are your plans for this summer? Do you have any fun things jotted on your calendar or are you still looking for ideas?

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