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20 Reasons To Start A Home Business

by Jessica Amey

You probably know someone that has started their own business from home. More people are doing it all of the time, and opportunities are opening up even for those that never thought that they would be able to work for themselves. Some people turn their blogs into businesses, and others open Etsy shops or ecommerce stores. People work from home as tutors or teachers; they cater or bake. They sell products that they have made themselves, or they sell on products after buying them wholesale. People work from home as consultants. They provide services like marketing or accounting. There are countless ways to earn money from home, from blogging to hairdressing, and dog walking to occasion cake baking. There are so many options. But, the idea of going it alone can be scary. Most of us are tempted at some point, after a bad day at the office, but it’s frightening. The idea of throwing in a job to take a risk like that is significant. But, it’s often worth it. If you need convincing, here are 20 reasons that you should start a home business.

You Can Run it as a Side Hustle
One of the best things about starting a home business is that you don’t have to jump in with both feet until you are ready. You could run it as a hobby, to begin with, to test the water, enjoying any cash that you make as a bonus. You can take your time to learn and grow before leaving your job. This can give you time to prepare financially, learn more about your business and the market, and minimise any risks that you are taking. Not everyone can afford to give up a steady job to take a chance on their own business, and starting things as a side hustle can be a great way to do it.

It’s a Great Way to Make Money
When you are an employee, you rely on other people to pay you. You are at their mercy. If business is bad, will you be paid? Will you receive a pay rise if you work hard? If your hours are suddenly cut, will you lose money? When you work for yourself, you make money for yourself. You’ve got a much greater control over your own earnings.

Flexible Hours
One of the main reasons that people start a home business is flexible working. This is an especially attractive prospect for parents, who might struggle to get the flexibility that they need as an employee working around childcare commitments and school runs. When you work from home, for yourself you can work around school runs and drop-offs, or even while your kids are in bed or watching TV. You can take days off to cover appointments or attend events, without worrying about what people will think.

You’ve also got the flexibility to work when you are at your most productive. 9-5 doesn’t suit all of us. You might work better very early in the morning or late at night. When you work from home, you can set your own hours.

The Chance to Learn
Another fantastic reason to launch a business from home is to learn. Even if your business is only ever a side hustle or hobby, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, to develop your talents and to learn about other areas of business. It can be a great way to support the learning of a bba on line or to give yourself an advantage in your day job.

A Great Confidence Boost
There’s no better feeling than successfully starting something for yourself. It’s not the same as getting paid to do a job. When your business does well, it’s because of your efforts. Even if your goals are small, hitting them will be a great boost.

There’s No Ceiling
As an employee, working for a company, there’s often only so far that you can go without moving on or taking a massive step. Even then, there might be a ceiling in terms of promotions and earnings. As a small business owner, you can’t get promoted, but you can expand your company and your earnings as much as you want. There’s no one else holding you back, only your own dreams.

Unfortunately, women still face gender discrimination in the workplace. Some are paid less, some face harassment, and while things are changing, it can still be hard. Running your own business gives you a greater chance at equality and equal rights, at least in your own office.

To Be Your Own Boss
How many times have you gone home from work and complained about your boss? How many times have you been mistreated or convinced that you could do things better? We’ve all done it. Starting your own business is your chance to have a go. To see if you could do it better and to learn from the mistakes that you have seen others make. It also means that you don’t have to put up with other people telling you what to do, which can be a nice bonus.

Set Your Own Goals and Deadlines
Working for yourself means that you get to set your own goals and deadlines. You can set yourself achievable targets and only commit to work that you know that you’ve got time for. The only person putting pressure on you is you.

To Create Jobs
In the beginning, you might do a lot yourself. But, as time goes by and your business grows, you might find yourself in a position to take on staff and develop a team. You’ll get to offer these people the same flexibility and equality and create a positive workforce.

To Be Different
Do you have an idea that no one else is doing? Or a way of working or producing that no one else has tried? Do you just dream of running a business that gives creative minds a chance to thrive? Running your own business offers you the opportunity to be different.

To Love Your Job
Not many of us genuinely love our jobs. Most of us work because we have too, not because we love it. But, you spend a vast amount of your time working, so wouldn’t it be better to do something that you love?

The Chance to Grow in Your Own Time
A mistake that many small businesses make is trying to expand too soon. They get carried away with early success and try to do too much. There’s no need. You can take your time and build your business slowly.

And Your Own Way
When you run your own business, there’s no road map that you must stick to. You might not want to open a second shop. You might choose to expand in a totally different way. It’s entirely up to you.

To Meet People
One thing that might put you off starting up on your own is the idea of working alone in your house. It can be lonely, and you might worry about feeling isolated. But, it’s often the opposite. You’ll meet new people, your form friendships with customers, clients, and even competitors.

To Push Yourself
There’s nothing like a leap out of your comfort zone to test yourself. Starting a business is one of the biggest leaps there is. You have to step up for your business, or it will fail. You don’t know how you’ll cope with this kind of pressure until it happens, and it can be the kind of push that brings out your best.

To Learn More About Your Industry
As an employee, you can be amazing at your job without ever learning about other areas of your business. You might be a fantastic salesperson, but have absolutely no idea about marketing or accounting. Running your own business means that you have to learn more about all areas of your industry, which can give you a massive advantage both now and in the future.

To Stop Doing the Boring Jobs
When you get to the point of hiring staff or taking on freelancers and outsourcing to other companies, you can stop doing all of those monotonous jobs that you don’t like. You can delegate these tasks and instead spend your time on the things that you enjoy.

To Work in Comfort
Some days, when you aren’t feeling your best, the idea of putting on a suit and going out to work is terrible. But, what if you could work in bed in your PJ’s? Some people prefer to get up and dressed even when working from home, but you don’t have to when you don’t feel like it.

To Save Money
Going out to work can be ridiculously expensive. By the time you have paid for childcare, uniforms, transport, and lunches, your paycheck can have taken a big knock, and many women find themselves in the strange position of not being able to afford to work. Working for yourself from home still has costs, but many of these will be tax deductible, and you’ll cut the costs of commuting and childcare massively.

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