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3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Child From Being Hurt In A Car Accident

by Jessica Amey

Sometimes we can be very careful on the road, such that we do not get involved in car accidents. This is good. There are other times when other people are too careless in their driving and hence they cause accidents. When you are traveling with your kids in your vehicle, special care has to be taken in the manner in which you secure these children. Regardless of your safe driving skills, the manner in which you secure a child in the vehicle will play the biggest role in preventing injuries in case of an accident. Companies such as Bell & Pollock have published many guides on how to secure children while you are traveling. You can learn more about road safety and by researching online.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the safety tips and measures you can take to secure your child and ensure they are not hurt in case of an accident.

Here are 3 things you can do to ensure your child is not hurt in a car accident:

1. Child safety seats and seat belts

One of the best ways to prevent injuries in case of an accident is through the use of safety belts. It is imperative that you should also belt up so that you and your child can be safe in the event of a car accident. However, specifically for child safety, there are child safety seats that can be installed in your vehicle so that your child will be safe in the event of a car accident. The importance of child safety seats is that they help restrain the child or an infant such that they will not be hurt during a motor accident. You should ensure that such a seat is installed and used correctly. One important guideline you should follow when buying such a seat is that it should fit the child’s weight, age, and size. It should also fit well in your vehicle. Always try the seat and ensure that it fits before you buy it.

2. Airbags and children

Airbags are known to help protect teens and adults from injury when there is a collision. However, the airbags can injure young children when they open after a collision. They can easily cause head and neck injuries to kids. The safety thing to do in this case is to install booster seats for the children and have these placed in the back seat. For the two-seater cars, you may be forced to place this seat in the front. When this happens, ensure that you have pushed the passenger seat back; as far back as it can go. There are manual cutoff switches that can be used to disable the airbag for the duration you will be riding with the child. This can disable the airbag and ensure the child is not hurt in case of a collision.

3. Avoid damaged seats

If you have an old car seat, chances are that it could have been involved in an accident before. It is possible that you are using a damaged seat that may not be of help in the event of an accident. A car seat that was in a previous wreck is to be avoided. The same case applies to second-hand seats. They are not suitable for your use as they may not be the right quality to prevent injuries in case of an accident.

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