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Unusual Holiday Inspiration for 2019

by Jessica Amey

Welcome a new year, a new you in 2019. Give the usual, much-travelled holiday destinations a miss and do something completely unusual this year. Here are some travel suggestions for you:

Safari in Africa
As the leading Safari destination, Africa beckons the curious traveller as it offers experienced that rival any other. Of course, there are the highly popular Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Parks and there are also the Kruger National Park and the Hwange National Park. These incredible parks are spread over the many countries that make up Africa. The sheer range and numbers of fauna and the standout landscape of these parts take one’s breath away. Can you hear the call of the wild yet?

Camping in France
If are keen to explore France, one of the best ways to do so is to go camping in the French countryside. Offering jaw dropping beauty in a number of stunning locations, whether by the seas or France’s famed countryside; this mode of travel will bring out the best in you. At liberty to choose a leisurely outing or having many to-dos on your list, it is all up to you. Savour the food and the wine as you spend your days enjoying canoeing, caving, cycling or just lazing around.

Diving holiday in Thailand
Some of the most breathtaking beaches and waters are to be found in Thailand. The colours of the waters are beyond description. Thailand offers especially earmarked spots for scuba diving for its visitors. There are diving tours designed to suit travellers who love to indulge in this. Phi Phi, Koh Samui, and Ao Nang are not to be missed by any diving enthusiast. The mind-boggling variety and colour of fish and underwater foliage can be enjoyed best here. There are informed guides available to help you. The amazing reefs of the Andaman Sea can be seen up close with them.

Travelling through India
Plan your trip to India in the later part of the year when the weather is more forgiving. The variety that this land offers is unparalleled. Take your pick from mountains, deserts, rivers, plains, forests, beaches, mangroves, backwaters and many more. Try the White Sands Festival in the Rann of Kutch in the month of December for a unique experience. One could plan to less-visited pristine states in the North East for their sublime beauty. There is amazing variety of food to be had as well. The sights and sounds of this country offer something new every time.

Machu Picchu in Peru
The remains of the Inca Empire might be in ruins, but the grandeur that they evoke is astounding. Although travelling to this part of the world is not cheap by any means, it will be a trip to remember. There are many different treks on offer to appeal to an array to people, including more spiritually
focused tours
and adventures. One of the unusual and lesser known places here is the Huayna Picchu. Spectacular views from atop this place should be enough to push travellers to try and make to the 400 who will be allowed each day. Come here to explore incredible sights and engineering feats of the Incas.

Feeling enthused already? Get ready to explore these new locations in 2019.

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