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3 Ways to Live a More Natural Lifestyle

by Jessica Amey

Living a more natural and non-toxic lifestyle sounds great right? It’s becoming more and more available in today’s society, and with many brands beginning to roll out products such as bamboo toothbrushes and shops beginning to reduce their plastic usage, it will soon become less overwhelming and much more realistic for many.

But where do you start? Should you throw away everything in your home and begin again? Probably not, this would be extremely time consuming and expensive to start from scratch. Here are some realistic and easy ways for you to make the change and allow you to start living a more natural lifestyle.

Start with your skincare

Whatever you do, avoid researching what is in your beauty products if you are easily horrified. Parabens (makeup, shaving gel, shampoo and spray tan products) and phthalates (scrubs, body wash, makeup) are things to look out for and triclosan (found in toothpaste, deodorant, antibacterial soap) should be avoided too. Parabens and phthalates interfere with processes regulated by your bodies hormones. Parabens are pretty easy to find but phthalates and more difficult, they are usually disguised as “fragrance (parfum)”. Be sure to look for “phthalate free” on the label and make sure you read through the ingredients list carefully before buying. It may seem a little overwhelming to change all of your products at once, so start product by product and work your way through to avoid an expensive initial outlay!

Get rid of artificial home fragrances

An absolute must if you are wanting to live a more natural lifestyle. Items such as air fresheners, room sprays, plug ins and perfumes release toxic fumes into your home. But what replacements are there? We all want a lovely smelling home as it helps to create a calming and relaxed environment. Shop around for natural candles and essential oil diffusers. Neom Organics offers an extensive and beautiful range of reed diffusers which boast 100% natural ingredients. They work to fill your air with natural goodness and help to not only make your home smell incredible but work to lift your mood too.

Think about what you put into your body too

Going completely organic can be a little too much for some people, as it can get expensive. Start by looking at what you eat the most and switch out that for the organic version. Look into zero-waste shops, our local one is completely organic and prices on a lot of the products work out cheaper, plus it’s all free from plastic packaging so great for the environment too.

With these simple changes you can start living a cleaner, more toxic-free, natural lifestyle, which will not only benefit you and your health, but also be much better for the environment too.

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