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5 Places To Go In The South-West

by Jessica Amey

GREAT WOOD – Mr C introduced me to this place as he used to spend a lot of time there as a child. There is a large open grass area in the middle with BBQs available to use and then you can choose from a number of walks to go on afterwards. Some are quite steep but it’s great exercise and nice on a really hot day as it feels cooler being surrounded by so many trees.


BURTON BRADSTOCK BEACH – This is our favourite beach to go to on a nice day. There isn’t anything else there apart from a cafe so it’s better on a day when it’s really hot and you want to sunbathe. If we want to go for a walk and do other things then we usually got to Lyme Regis. It’s a pebbly beach which is good for me as I hate sand and you can walk up it to find somewhere usually pretty secluded. It was in the news last year because some of the cliff collapsed and killed someone so they have blocked off parts of it now but it really is lovely.

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CHOSEN HILL FARM – We went strawberry picking here for the first time last year and it was absolutely stunning. It’s located near the Chew Valley lake and the views are amazing. Plus you can pick a huge basket of fruit for a fraction of what you would pay in the supermarket.


GLASTONBURY TOR –  I grew up in Glastonbury and going up the tor beings back lots of memories for me. It’s where I spent the millennium new year’s eve and many a Friday night. I can even remember once when there was scaffolding on it climbing up it late at night, there was lots of us and it was so dangerous but when you’re a teenager you just don’t think about that. It’s quite hard work to walk up it but when you get to the top it’s worth it and the walk down is much more enjoyable!


BRISTOL HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA – This doesn’t really count as a place to visit as it only happens once a year but if you are ever near Bristol when it’s on then it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s free and runs over a weekend, with late night balloon take offs on a couple of occasions. This year it’s on the 7th – 1oth of August.

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WOOKEY HOLE CAVES – I’ve visited both Cheddar and Wookey Hole Caves and I think Wookey Hole Caves are definitely the best although both are impressive and Cheddar is a nice place to walk around afterwards. A tour through the caves takes about half an hour and the lights make it look so pretty. There is lots of water pools in there too, people actually go diving and you see them during your tour. It’s well worth a visit.


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