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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Handmade Gifts

by Jessica Amey

The process of giving gifts can be a stressful one. We’ve all been guilty of leaving it until the last minute and settling on something we’re not 100% happy with – and it often shows. As many as 71% of people admit to receiving a gift they’ll never use. Is it time you went handmade?

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love crafting. I even started another website to share all the things I make with my kids, plus an Etsy account for my own crocheted creations. Here are five of the best reasons to have a go at giving handmade gifts.

They’re more personal
Crafting gives you the opportunity to produce gifts that mean more to their recipient than anything you could find in a store. Think about their personal history, interests and needs – what are they missing? What can you make that’s tailored to them?

You could even design a gift based on your relationship and the memories you share. Try recreating a cherished photo as a painting, for example.

They’re unique
Have you ever given someone a present only to find out that they already had it? No two handmade gifts are ever likely to be the same even if you try. Each item will contain its own characteristics and imperfections that only add to its charm.

This point is especially true of needle-based crafts but also applies to food, soaps and more.

They’re thoughtful
Part of the value of homemade gifts is in the time and effort that you put into them. They demonstrate to your friend or loved one that they’re in your thoughts; that you’ve dedicated hours or even days to putting a smile on their face.

After all, how often do you receive a surprise package made just for you? Send your gift with parcel2go to save time and money if you live far apart.

You can hone your skills
Not all the benefits are for the receiver of course! If you’re a creative person, you’ll love every step of the process – even the wrapping – and could learn something new along the way.

From baking to drawing, creating homemade gifts can be a fun family activity too. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to account for mistakes…

It could work out cheaper
This isn’t always the case and will usually depend on the materials you’re using, but handmade gifts often work out cheaper than what you find in the shops. You’ll avoid the mark-up brands place on their products based on their reputation, and could save on extortionate international shipping costs too.

Saving money shouldn’t be the primary reason behind the gift of course – but it certainly won’t hurt!

Do you feel inspired to create something for your friend, partner or loved one?

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