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3 Reasons To Inject A Little More Colour In Your Home

by Jessica Amey

Right now, there is a major fashion trend in the home, and it’s painting everything white or neutral. In fact, there are some significant advantages to doing this, including making a space look larger, and ensuring that it is easy to decorate as well. However, what we all seem to have forgotten is that a dash of colour around the home can be a beautiful thing too. Read on to find out why. 

Change the energy of a room. 
First of all, selecting the right mix of colours can really change the energy of a room. In fact, you can go for a dull, uninspiring to one that is bursting with vigour and freshness. Something that will no doubt encourage you, your family, and you guests to spend a lot more time in there. 

Of course, there is such a thing as too many colours all in the same room. Therefore it’s best to keep to one main shade and a few complementary tones. Although deciding how to pick these can be tough. 

To that end, some folks opt for the colours that are most in-fashion that season, while others go with their lucky colours or shades and tones that have a specific meaning for them. Of course, no matter how you decide which colours to go for, be sure that it brings you joy and that you love it enough to see it every single day for at least a year! 

Help you accomplish tasks.
Another reason to use more colour in the home is that it can help you accomplish the tasks you need to do each day. For example, for some a bedroom decorated in a pale blue can provide a soothing effect perfect for nodding off to sleep. Although, for others, warmer tones like pinks and reds can work better in a bedroom because it affords them with a cosy, protected feeling that aids relaxation and sleep. 

Conversely, a study painted in yellow or another brighter colour can help to keep the user invigorated. Even if they have many deadlines to meet and end up doing lots of late nights and all-nighters to get their projects in on time. 

Make it easier to keep clean. 
Finally, you may not realise it but working with specific colours in your home can make your space a lot easier to keep looking clean. In fact, while white is popular right now, they can be a bad choice for certain things like kitchen and bathroom work surfaces, skirting boards, and even linens. This is because, in white, these things can be a real pain in the bum to keep clean. After all, they show every speck of dust and mote of dirt. 

Therefore, my advice here is that you have kids or pets, or you are just not that meticulous with your cleaning is to choose a darker shade of blue, grey, plum or black for these items. In fact, not only can such colours add some much-needed wrath and cosines to your home, but will help to make it easier to keep cleaner as well.  

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