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5 Tips To Buying a New Motorhome

by Jessica Amey

A motorhome is basically a house that is mounted on a vehicle. It’s ideal for people that like to camp or go for road trips. With a motorhome, you don’t have to budget for accommodation when travelling. This is because motorhomes are usually equipped with all the essential features of a typical home such as sofas that double as beds, dining table, bathroom, toilet and cabinets for storing utensils and other stuff. It’s more comfortable and convenient than having to live in a tent when you are in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, buying a motorhome can be a complicated affair to a beginner. This is due to the fact that you are shopping for two things at the same time: a house and a car. The tips below can guide you make an informed decision when looking for a motorhome to buy.

1 Set Your Budget

It’s important you first set your budget before you start hunting for a mobile home. This is because you will definitely see many motorhomes that are irresistible that can push you into spending more money than you have. With a budget in mind, you will have an easy time filtering through the models that you will come across because you already know what you can afford without hurting your finances. Remember, you will still need more money for maintaining your motorhome. And lest you forget, you will be budgeting for the car’s fuel and repairs. You should therefore compare prices of different dealers until you find the one whose price is within your reach.

Opt for Second Hand  

A brand new motorhome with zero mileage can give you a run for your money. Instead of spending a lot of money on something that you don’t use everyday, you should consider buying a used motorhome because it’s much affordable. In fact, majority of Oaktree Motorhomes in Nottingham are as good as new. All you have to do is visit the dealerships with your mechanic so that he can inspect the condition of the car.

Consider Trying Various Brands

If you go to the marketplace with your mind locked into just one brand, you may not find a motorhome that will meet your needs. You must shop with an open mind. When selecting a model that you want to invest in, your decision should be guided by its ability to match with your needs. For instance, you might be looking for a Ford motorhome that’s roomy enough to accommodate several people but the one that’s available is not close to what you need. If there is another brand that offers the space that you need, you should go for it.

Buy Basic and Upgrade Later

The price of a motorhome is determined by the features it has. By the rule of the thumb, you should be ready to pay more for a mobile home that’s rich in features. If your finances are between a hard surface and a rock, it’s recommended you buy a motorhome with just the basic features because you can always customize it later to make it conform to your needs.

Test All the Features

Although most people prefer to shop on the internet, it’s important you visit the dealership that is selling you the motorhome so that you can experience its feel before parting with your hard earned money. You should literally test all the elements to confirm that they work as specified in the store’s list. If the home has a bathroom, you should open the taps to see if they really function. In addition to that, you should switch the lights on just to make sure the bulbs are working. You should also take the car for a test drive so you can feel how its engine runs.


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