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Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Our bathroom is literally tiny! As is our entire house is but the bathroom especially is really small. We only have one toilet too which means someone always needs the toilet when I’m in the bath – well by someone I mean one of the kids, not Matt, he knows better than to come and use the toilet when I’m having a relaxing bath!!

I spent ages looking into space saving bathroom ideas when we first moved in as I wanted to get some ideas about the best way to make the space work, in the end there just wasn’t much we could do but I thought I would share some of my favourite ideas with you as if you have a small bathroom you might be able to make some of them work in your space.

Storing Towels
When it comes to where to store towels there were a couple of ideas that I thought worked really well. First is to build one a shelf above the door, it’s a space that never gets used so why not store towels there?! And the second was to use a wine rack.

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Space saving toilet and sink
There are toilets and sinks that make the most of a small space, a corner toilet could be a good option depending on the shape of your room. Or you can even get toilets with sinks above them. Not too sure about that but I guess if space was really limited then it would be a good option for an en suite or something.

The sink units with cupboards underneath are a great way to save space, you can keep all your toiletries and cleaning products under there so you don’t have clutter everywhere. This DIY one is fab, they’ve used an old chest of drawers.

 Shelves above a toilet mean you can store things up there, although I would be a bit worried about them falling into the toilet!!

Obviously you might not have room for a bath, we couldn’t fit a full length one in but if you do then the ones with sides which pull down mean you can store stuff and make use of the space for storage. To be honest I love baths and would sacrifice nearly anything to have one!! If I had to then I would fit it in a different room, like a bedroom, or even the kitchen 😉

If you do only have room for a shower though then you want to make sure it’s a good one as you will be using it all the time. There are lots of different shower types out there now, I love the rainfall style ones. You will also need to make sure you have a good shower pump, like a twin impeller shower pump.

We do have a shower, just one over a bath and I do love having both. When I get back from an exercise class or if I’m boiling hot then I love showers but if it’s a cold evening then I love a bath, not sure I would cope without either but I have just lived with a bath before so guess I would sacrifice the shower!

How about you?

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