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5 Types Of Books Every Developer Should Read

by Jessica Amey

There is no doubt that you have to have not just a brilliant mind to be a web developer, but you need a few other important traits as well. Depending on the volume of work you have and whether or not you are an entrepreneur or an employee, reading different types of books will help you a great deal. We’re not just talking about books on coding, either. There are many
different genres out there in the published world and many of them can enhance the way to see things and can lead to some amazing breakthroughs. In this article, we will break down the five different types of books every developer should read.
1 – Fiction
Fiction is very different from non-fiction. While non-fiction is based on truth and fact, fiction is purely made up and imagined. There are various types of fiction-based book types including mysteries, romance, fantasy, chick literature, crime thrillers, and science fiction. 
Neuroscience research in recent years has shown that reading fiction is good for the emotional and mental wellbeing of the reader. Reading literary fiction has proven to help individuals to develop the theory of mind, empathy, and critical thinking. As a web developer, these are all
valuable cognitive skills that can be strengthened and honed just by flipping through the pages of a good novel that is the product of someone else’s imagination and wordsmithing.
2 – Science Fiction
 This is a subtype of the fiction genre that focuses primarily on scientific imagined stories and plots. The creative direction of sci-fi is typically set into the future with unusual non-human characters. Sci-fi writers also “invent” amazing, futuristic gadgets and tools to become part of the
world they have created to be the location of their specific story or scenes.
The benefits of reading science fiction are many. The genre generally encourages the development of imagination and curiosity. Sci-fi is known to cause readers to become somewhat more aware of the world around them and how it currently functions in comparison to a future world. Science fiction also explores the benefits (and the risks) of new technology, it opens
minds and sometimes leads to new inventions thanks to the creativity of the writers.
3 – Self-Help
 The genre takes its name from a book that was published in 1859 by Samuel Smiles that was titled, Self-Help. The books that fall into this category are written to provide readers with instructions on how to resolve personal problems. Some bookstores and libraries have these books in an area that is identified as self-improvement which is a better description.
Self-help, or self-improvement books serve a great purpose in the life of a web developer. Reading these books can help you to better interpret yourself and the world you live in much more positively. They can also assist you in inspiring you to make better choices and to take positive actions. One of the main benefits of reading self-help books is that they assist you to expand and enhance your life through improvement which may include breaking through some of the limitations you may have created for yourself. Ultimately, self-help books assist you to create personal projects that speed up your personal growth and understanding.
4 – History
 Books written in history are generally known as publications that are based on the study of the past. Many of the historical books that exist detail events, lives, and situations that occurred before the written language was created. Other history books outline events, people, and activities that have shaped the world to what it is today. These examine timelines and factors that led to certain circumstances such as war, assassinations, and other impactful world events.
There are several reasons why reading history books is good for web developers. First and foremost, history books make us aware of our past and shared past and it provides insight into why certain events took place. We also learn that history acts as a warning and provides us with
lessons we can learn from the mistakes made in the past. There is an inspiration that comes from historical events and legends and informs us of the interconnections between civilizations and what role global history plays in our current world and experiences.
5 – Autobiography
 Autobiographies are a form of literary non-fiction. They are the story of a person’s life as recounted by the person it is about. The subject of the autobiography is also the author of the book. These types of books will cover events and activities in a chosen timeline and can be very
informative and entertaining. Many celebrities or well-known public figures have published autobiographies. 
The main thing you will learn from reading an autobiography of a famous person is the knowledge you will gain from how that person dealt with any kind of personal or professional crisis. You will also be able to experience the life and times of someone who may become a silent mentor to you. Depending on who you are reading about and what time in history that
person lived, you may also learn some history related to activities the autobiographer was involved in or may have had some influence in developing. Reading autobiographies can also give you hope that sometimes good things happen if you persevere and hold your principles in place. The best thing about autobiographies is that they exist about historic figures and contemporary people who have all played a part in shaping the history we live in today.
In Conclusion
As a web developer, you could just focus on reading books on code but all that will do is teach you about code and nothing else. By reading books from other genres you not only gain a well- rounded understanding of things not related to coding, but you also give your brain some exercise which will enhance the way you work, the type of work you do and expose you to different ways of thinking that can benefit you in many ways as you build your web developer career.

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