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5 Ways You’re Putting Your Health In Danger

by Jessica Amey

It is not really hard to put our health into danger. In fact, we all probably do it on a daily basis. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of it. Which is a shame if you are trying hard to be healthy in some areas then not realising that some of the things you still do could be putting your health at risk, whether it’s binge drinking at the weekend or ordering takeaway too often. Of course treats in moderation are completely fine, but if you’re overindulging, you’re going to be doing some damage. If you aren’t too sure how you could be putting your health in danger, we’ve got a few things you might not have thought of.

Bad Habits
Even when we know what our bad habits are going to be doing to your body, we don’t always do something about it. A lot of the bad habits we have, such as smoking or drug misuse are hard ones to break. Drug misuse in particular is something a lot of people get into during school. Social factors and curiosity can soon get out of control. Even the people you might not suspect may have an issue going on. Just think back to Ant getting admitted to a drug rehab facility not too long ago. He was a world famous multi-millionaire, appearing on TV shows all around the world. But behind the scenes he was battling with something he just wasn’t going to win. If you know you have a problem like this, it is important that you identify it as a problem and seek help. One of the main reasons why people cause damage to their health is because they don’t see it as a problem until it is too late.

Hair Dye
A lot of women all over the world use hair dye on a monthly basis. One of the most popular are the permanent dyes. This means the colour only leaves the hair after new growth occurs. But did you know that the chemicals are so strong, there have been traces found affecting liver function within the body. There has also been multiple studies conducted showing that certain chemicals within hair dyes are causing cancer. There are more natural options you can use such as henna.

The less sleep you’re getting, the more damage you’re going to be doing to your brain and body in general. The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep a night to be able to function at optimal capacity. We’re sure a few of you can admit to getting a lot less than that, especially on a weekday. In the long run, it can lead to mental health issues, as well as a lack of lust for life. Try and ensure you’re getting to be earlier rather than later.

There are certain foods that are tricking you into thinking they’re healthy. For example, the fruit juices and smoothies within your local store that are preaching about all the benefits they have, you should check the label for sugar contents Most of them contain an alarmingly high amount of sugar! Making natural fruit smoothies is much healthier. Did you know meats such as bacon has also been linked to cancer? You should always make sure you’re going your research about what you’re putting into your body, and the risks they pose.

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