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7 Loving Ways To Cheer Up A Self-Isolating Friend

by Jessica Amey

After two years of life in a pandemic, you’d have thought that we’d be used to spending more time at home. But when we have to self-isolate, our first thought is often dread at the idea of spending up to 10 days at home, more alone than we’re used to, with nothing to do (or quite a lot to do if we have kids).

While the rules on self-isolation are changing all of the time, there are many reasons that we might face a time of quarantine. People might be asked to isolate before a medical procedure, to minimize the risks of exposure to Covid-19, some employers are still enforcing isolation, and many people are choosing to isolate if they can, upon receiving a positive test, to protect other people.

Even after numerous lockdowns, periods of self-isolation, and quarantine, we struggle. It’s a big change from normal life, and you might be worried about your health or struggling with symptoms too. It’s not a surprise that many of us feel some level of depression.

If you have friends or family who are isolating, you might be keen to do what you can to cheer them up or make their life easier. The good news is, we’ve got much better at this over the years. Here are seven of the most loving things that you could do to cheer them up.

Send them Flowers
Who doesn’t love getting flowers? A bouquet of colourful flowers is the perfect way to cheer someone up. If your friend is self-isolating, you can get quick delivery from Eflorist to put a smile on their face as soon as possible.

Cook them Dinner
Cooking someone a meal can be the ultimate act of self-care, especially if they are feeling ill or caring for other members of their household and can’t spend long in the kitchen. Cook something comforting like a casserole or lasagne that can be heated up easily or frozen for another day and leave it covered on their doorstep. If you don’t live near, sending them a takeaway is another great option.

Keep Checking In
One of the best things that you can do for your friend is to keep checking in. If they seem fine on day one, you might be tempted to leave them to it, but symptoms, loneliness, or self-isolation blues can kick in at any time.

Arrange a Care Package
Think about what you’d need if you couldn’t get out and start putting together a care box. This could include food and drink, special treats, a bottle of wine, magazines or books and craft activities.

Try Some Virtual Activities
Two years ago, there weren’t many options when it came to virtual activities. Now you can get your friends together for an online quiz or workout, and you can group stream movies.

Ask What They Need
Of course, the easiest thing that you can do is simply ask them what they need, and make sure they know that you are available, whether it’s something small like picking up a prescription or a bigger task.

Make a Plan
Having plans for the future is always a mood boost when you are stuck at home. Make a plan for a dinner out when they are back, and book reservations so they can look ahead. Even if your friend hasn’t got Covid-19, but is ill at home with something else, why not do something thoughtful to make them smile?

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