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The Best Places To Stay In London This Summer

by Jessica Amey

There is no doubt that when it comes to exciting and diverse summer vacations, London is a city that fits the bill better than any other. From the oldest of history to the newest of pop culture and entertainment, London really can offer a little bit of everything to create one of the more rewarding and memorable holiday experiences you will ever have. Of course, to ensure that you have the perfect trip, you need to pick the perfect area in which to stay! With this in mind, here is a list of the best places to stay with some of the great service apartments London has to offer.

Clerkenwell is the place if you want to guarantee an amazing meal every night. This location allows easy access to some of London’s most celebrated Michelin- starred restaurants, as well as vibrant markets that really showcase the best of the city’s unique character.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden can be something of a tourist trap, but if you can find a great place to stay in the vicinity of the main square, then you won’t regret it. From eccentric street performers to unique shops to great restaurants and theatres, Covent Garden really is quintessential London and makes for an amazing holiday base.

● Hampstead
If you would prefer to base yourself away from the central hubbub of London, then Hampstead is a great choice. Offering stunning views of the city from its famous Heath, it almost feels like a quaint village hidden inside a sprawling metropolis. It’s perfect for little shops, bijou cafes and some beautiful architecture that simply has to be shared on Instagram!

If you want to go slightly off the beaten track and stay in an area that is cool and up and coming, then look no further than Dalston. The subject of recent regeneration, Dalston is filled with cool cafes, pubs and restaurants, and it also has more than its fair share of night clubs if you want to party in the small hours!

Over the years, Peckham has become one of the coolest, and most affordable, places in the city. From the cheapest cinemas and clubs to amazing Chinese restaurants on the nearby Silk Road, Peckham is a great place to base yourself if you want to spend more money on your activities than on your accommodation!

Is there really anything to say about Soho that hasn’t already been said? Truly the beating heart of London, this is an area of the capital that simply never sleeps. With plenty of 24 hour bars, delicious restaurants and walking distance to pretty much all of London’s West End theatres, Soho is a no brainer when it comes to choosing somewhere that will put you right in the middle of all the action.

If you are looking for a London spot that feels more countryside than city centre, then Richmond is the place to be. From the large royal park where deer roam freely to wonderful views of the famous River Thames, Richmond is a London location that can calm the soul and help to recharge the batteries after a night in Soho!

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