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A Complete Guide On Laser Hair Removal Treatment

by Jessica Amey

Laser hair removal treatment is the new age ultimate solution for excessive hair growth problems. With the advancement in science and technology there now advance laser treatments available to get an effective laser hair removal done. Laser hair removal treatments are gaining vast attention among people nowadays because of it’s the ease of treatment and it’s a permanent solution for all the hair growth related problems. These laser
treatments have immense interest among both the male and female crowd. These treatments are opted much compared to other old methods because it can be done on any skin type and all over the body. Before knowing the ways to get the best out of the laser hair treatment, one must know a brief about all the old and traditional hair removal methods.

The old and traditional methods used in hair removal treatments were shaving, waxing, trimming, hair removal products, threading etc. All these methods were temporary solutions and had their own bit of side effects too. All these old methods were a very tedious process and not all the old methods were used to get rid of hair from all over the body. With
the introduction of the Laser hair removal treatment all these difficulties were eradicated. So when one wants to get the best out of his or her laser hair removal treatment there are many tips to be followed.

Here are the most important tips to be kept in mind to get the best out of the treatment.

These are:-

Attending all the appointments without fail: The most vital tip to be followed by the client is attending to all the appointments given by the doctor. Laser treatments are not done by one appointment only. The treatment is completed by multiple appointments given by the doctor
according to each one’s treatment requirements. So to get the best results of the treatment one has to go for all the appointments without fail.

No waxing & Tweezing: the client who is going to get the treatment done has to make sure that he or she does not wax or tweeze the hair before one week of the treatment. This is to avoid the removal of hair follicle due waxing and tweezing as the laser treatment is done by damaging the hair follicle and if it’s not present then there is no use for the treatment.

Shaving is a must: Shaving the areas where the treatment is going to be done one day prior to the treatment is a must as the laser treatment is done by passing high intensity light onto the hair follicle resulting in damaging the follicle so the further hair growth is arrested. So long hair is present the best results cannot be obtained from the treatment.

Limited Sun Exposure: The best ways to get the treatment done is by not exposing oneself too much to the sun both before and after each appointment. As the skin can get sensitive due to sun exposure and thus resulting skin irritation.

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