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How To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

by Jessica Amey

The dream for most of us is to have a bedroom that resembles the size of a large hotel room. Think lofty, airy bedrooms with plenty of light, perfect for relaxing and enjoying your down time. The thing is, most affordable and modern homes don’t have large and lofty bedrooms and that means that you are left with a small bedroom to try to organize and that’s not always easy!

The good news is that with the right creative planning, you can transform a cluttered and crowded space into one that you can relax and enjoy. There’s nothing fun about an overflowing room, and whether you want to redecorate or refresh, we’ve got the ideas that will help your small bedroom feel much bigger. Let’s dive right in and get some space – even when there isn’t any!

  • Use Your Bed. The biggest item in any bedroom is the bed. It’s the focus of the room and the central piece of equipment that will both draw the eye and take up the most space. Without it being placed correctly, the bed can look cluttered in a small room, and most people think that they are going to waste space with their bed. The floor space may be taken but you can still use it. Beds are out there made with hydraulics to lift up the mattress and the base to expose a storage area. This gives you back the floor space without even considering moving the bed! Divan beds are popular for storage beds, but even if you have a bed frame on legs, you can use the space underneath it with sliding drawers or vacuum storage bags.
  • Embrace Mirrors. Ah, you want to create space, right? Mirrors are your best friend here! From mirrors on the walls to mirrored bedroom furniture, you can instantly make the space look bigger with the light bouncing at all angles. You can collect mirrors to a wall and use those to bounce the light, and then the furniture will have the same job of moving the light around, too. This will make the room look much bigger without too much effort.
  • Optical Illusions. Interiors are something that are ever-changing when it comes to the trends out there. Copying certain styles from fashion, such as using vertical lines and not horizontal, is very common. Adding striped rugs to flooring also does the same job, and it can make the room look far bigger when you use vertical lines.
  • Blur The Boundaries. When it comes to the colours you use in your bedroom, why not paint everything in the same colour – and buy furniture to match. This stops there from being a solid line where the walls meet the furniture, and it creates a wraparound look of space. Without the definition, you gain back clean lines of space without much effort.

Bedrooms should be comfortable and cosy, and these tips will help you to embrace that airy comfort you’ve been looking for for so long!

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