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Alton Towers Rides For All The Family

by Jessica Amey

Before we became parents we used to go to theme parks and spend our time going on all the big rides but a couple of months ago when we went to stay in the Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel with the kids it was a fairly different experience!

I thought I would share with you which of the Alton Towers rides are suitable for all the family.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have said it was worth taking young children to Alton Towers as there just wasn’t enough for them to do but all that has changed with the addition of Cbeebies Land. You can now easily fill an entire day there and not feel like you’ve missed out on having fun.

For very young children there is the Postman Pat ride, the Numtums ride and the In The Night Garden boat ride all of which are great fun for parents too 😉

alton towers rides cbeebies land

There is also the Treetop Adventure which goes around the top of the CBeebies Land area, we didn’t try this but it looked really fun and Justin’s Pie Factory, Tiger wasn’t tall enough but Mr C took Cherry in, it’s full of machines which shoot foam balls out.

Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters is open to any age as is Nina’s Science Lab, Mr Bloom’s Allotment, Something Special Sensory Garden and Tree Fu Tom’s Training Camp which is a big park area with a zip wire.

There is also a large open area with lots of CBeebies characters walking around and shows going on, we had our photo taken with one of the Octonauts.



For kids over 0.9m there is the Octonauts Rollercoaster, Mr C took Cherry on and she loved it.


After leaving CBeebies Land we started walking up towards Cloud Cuckoo Land which is the other area for children. Just before you reach it you will walk past the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ride which is really good fun.

charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-ride-alton-towers rides

You go on a boat around the factory then a simulator makes it feel like you are bursting out through the roof. You can’t hold children on that part so they need to be able to stand up themselves (I’m not sure what the height restriction is but Tiger was allowed on it).

In Cloud Cuckoo Land there is the Ice Age 3D experience which we didn’t go into but had it been raining then it would have been great.

We took Cherry on the Froghopper which was surprisingly intense! It cranks you right up to the top then bounces you back down again.

the frog hopper alton towers rides

There is also a small soft play area and a driving course for kids in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

After leaving this area we hopped on the Sky Ride, this is basically a gondola system that goes around the entire site with different stop off points. Alton Towers is huge so this is a great way of saving some energy.


We got off at the next stop as I didn’t realise quite how high up we would go! Then we went for a walk around all the big rides, I don’t think I could handle them anymore but it’s fun to watch. This route also went past all the water rides where you can pay £1 to squirt the people on them. I’m not going to lie, this was so much fun! The kids found it hilarious.

We went past The Runaway Mine Train and realised Cherry was big enough to go on it, I can remember it from when I was a little girl so it made me very nostalgic. Mr C took her on first and she loved it so I took her on afterwards. I actually found it too much and screamed more than Cherry did, it went so fast!!

After then we kept walking round until we came to the aquarium, this is a fairly new addition I think as it wasn’t there the last time I visited. It was surprisingly good though especially as it was just in a theme park and not an attraction in itself, I thought they would just have a few fish tanks but they had quite a lot to look at in there as well as some areas where you can touch and learn about some of the fish.

We went on a Thursday in term time and it wasn’t too busy at all, in fact we didn’t even really have to queue to get on anything which when you have kids with you is a huge plus. I’m not sure how long you would really want to spend queuing to go on a two minute Postman Pat ride which is why we probably wouldn’t ever go at the weekend or in the holidays.

If you are planning a family day out at Alton Towers then the one thing I would say is to take a picnic, the food there is so overpriced and really not that great. We didn’t as we were staying in the hotel but if we ever went again for the day then I would definitely take my own food and drinks.

Other than that it makes for a great day out with young kids.

Have you been to CBeebies Land?

What did you think?

Thanks again to Konfidence who sent us up to the Splash Landings Water Park to put their swimwear to the test. If you wanted to order anything then I have a discount code that will give you 15% off, just enter this at the checkout – swim15-KCRKC.

And if you missed it the first time then here is the little video I made of our time there 🙂

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