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Benefits Of LED Lighting

by Jessica Amey

Choosing the right lighting for your house or workspace is really important, it can completely change the feel of a room and your lighting requirements can vary greatly depending on what the room is used for. For instance, you will probably want your living room to have dimmable lighting so you can turn it down whilst watching TV, but in a workspace or kitchen you will want it to be nice and bright.

LED lighting is a great choice when it comes to lighting, we recently fitted 12 spotlights and used Philips Master LEDSpot GU10 (in warm white) in our kitchen which was quite dark before and now it’s so bright which makes it much nicer when I’m in there cooking.

There are many benefits to using LED lighting, here are a few of them…

We used to get through so many bulbs when using halogen lights but with LED lighting the lifespan lasts for such a long time, between 10,000-100,000 hours which means one bulb could last for years. This also means less waste as you aren’t constantly needing to get rid of old bulbs.

LED lights use a lot less power than the alternatives which means they are better for the environment. This means you can also save some money on your energy bills.

LED lights are safer as they don’t get hot when in use, compared to halogen bulbs which can burn you if you touch them when they’re on.

LED bulbs can be recycled because they are made from different materials to alternatives.

There are lots of different types of LED lights available, you can even get waterproof ones. You can find strip lights for using under cupboards or in drawers and you can even get ones that change colour. You can get flexi tube lighting and you can also find battery powered ones which can be used in so many ways.

If you haven’t switched to LED lighting yet then hopefully this post has given you some inspiration!

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