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Christmas Shopping: Simpler Than You Think

by Jessica Amey

It is nearly December, and you know what that means. Christmas is here in full force and relatives will finally get to that annual get-together since no one has time any other time of the year. But really, Christmas is a time when amidst the whole hustle and bustle of buying presents, you can sit down and appreciate your family and close friends, exchange gifts, share the fireplace and sofa. It really is a wondrous season full of joy, but like anything in life, nothing comes free. In order to get to that long-awaited Christmas eve on the 24th of December, you must go be prepared for the next few weeks being pretty hectic. Shopping, endless queues full of Santas, preparations, arrangements, convincing your boss that you really need the holidays off, it never ends. Let’s see how you could make life a bit easier for yourself during the holiday season this year, after all, these are not uncommon issues. Someone is bound to have addressed it before, right?

Online shopping

More or less everyone knows about shopping online, and while many people are against it as it ruins local businesses and whatnot, during the holiday season, it can prove to be invaluable. With all the busy Christmas shoppers running amok on the high street, finding the thing you want in stock can sometimes prove a near-impossible feat. Even if you do find it, you have a long queue ahead of yourself, wasting time when the Christmas checklist remains mostly unticked. Not to mention, you’ll be avoiding having to leave work early to get who knows where to buy that very specific item that isn’t sold anywhere near your workplace which your nephew really, really wants, you know the one. Even if you are not an avid online shopper, it is worth taking a look during the holidays, do yourself a favour and look some things up on eBay or Amazon.


While delivery is basically a given when shopping online, if you buy things outside like in the good ol’ days, you are still left with the task of bringing something home from the shop. Barbaric isn’t it? Fortunately for you, even trips to IKEA can be made much simpler with a furniture courier, they think of everything, don’t they? If you are ok with bringing things home by yourself but want to be discreet with your present purchasing, you can always get your things delivered somewhere else. In the past few years, businesses have been popping up which provide you with a place that can pick up your delivery for you. This is not only discreet, but it also means you will not miss any more deliveries due to being at work! It’s a service that should’ve honestly existed for years now but somehow everyone was a bit late with the idea. Companies like Doddle even have a pickup point outside King’s Cross station, if that’s not easy to get to then nowhere is. Alternatively, you can get things delivered to your workplace itself, unless your boss is going to give you a hard time for it, but most of the time it shouldn’t be an issue. Worst comes to worst, just try and get on their emotional side and underline just how much your family wants those presents, works every time.

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