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Creative Gift Ideas To Get Your Beach Loving Mum This Summer

by Jessica Amey

Smart Gift Ideas For The Beach Loving Mum

With lockdown well and truly over we can begin piecing back together our
lives whilst we learn how to adapt to a new normal. For many people
around the UK this means one thing, a trip to the pub. But if this isn’t for
you, fear not, as we begin to see more of our favourite places slowly begin to re-open, and if you are anything like my Mum, this means the beach. If this is more your idea of a good time, then carry on reading as you may like
what we have in store for you.

To celebrate the end of lockdown, and more importantly the freedom to
get to the beach, insert subtle eye roll here, here’s a selection of brilliant gift
ideas for the beach lover in your life to get the most of their return to sand
and seas!

Insulated Picnic Basket
Forget the cool box, the 90’s are long gone! To make the most of the long
days lounging on the beach, and avoid those long queues, a picnic is a
great idea. But wait, cold drinks and warm food together? Sounds like an
issue, right? Wrong. An insulated picnic basket is perfect for beach days, as
you can keep your cold food and drinks separated from anything warm, or
anything else you don’t want to keep cold. So why not consider an insulated
picnic basket for your beach loving Mum?

Portable Battery Charger
If you, like the majority of us, are reliant on your smartphone you will be all
too aware that a long day is more than enough to drain your battery leaving
you powerless for your potentially long journey home. If you Mum is like
mine, there is a slight chance every battery draining application will be open in the background, slowly working its way through your charge. Don’t
let this be a continual problem with a backup battery charger, giving you
enough power to charge your phone to get you through even the most
app-heavy days.

Sunshine Hat & Sunglasses
Those long days on the beach are a great way to top up that long-lost tan,
as well as being one of the best ways to restore your vitamin D levels, but
too much sun can also be a bad thing especially to your eyes and sensitive
skin. To prevent any unwanted damage to both eyes and skin, you could
consider purchasing a sun hat or designer sunglasses for your Mum,
making sure she looks stylish when on the beach. If you want to make your
gift even more special, consider adding a personalisation to your gift by
purchasing from a personalised clothing company like Banana Moon
, alternatively if you are feeling creative and confident, you can
create your own!

Bring The Beach Home
If you are still a little cautious about visiting potentially busy places, which is completely understandable with what we have experienced over the last
few months, you could bring the beach home for you Mum. At first this may
sound a little extreme and you may be asking how will you get that amount
of sand in your garden without lasting damage, well it may be more simple
than you first thought. Now let’s face it, you won’t be able to replicate the
ocean but with a few creative cocktails, some decorations and beach towels
you are well on your way to having a beach theme at home. If you love this
idea but long for the feel of sand and water on your feet you can always
include a small paddling pool and sandpit, remember those shells we all
had as kids? Yeah, one of those will work perfect for this occasion and you
don’t have to sorry about sand all over your home and garden either!

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