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Something Every Man Needs

by Jessica Amey

Mr C isn’t usually one to get excited about anything cooking related, despite the fact he is a much better cook than me. Apart from when it comes to his spaghetti Bolognese. He likes his all watery, with loads of dried herbs and barely cooked onion and I like mine really rich with lots of red wine and chopped up carrot, we actually struggle to eat each others! When we first got together he did all of the cooking. I wish that was the case now but I like to eat quite early and given that I’m mainly vegan these days it’s better that I choose what to make, although most days I expect even he wishes he was still the one in charge of cooking as he’s not quite at the vegan stage… yet 😉

There is one type of cooking that he gets excited about though, the outdoor type involving meat and fire. We had our first BBQ of the year on Monday, it was Mr C’s birthday and he was looking forward to getting outside and trying the new Landmann BBQ we’d been sent. There wouldn’t have been any other way I could have told him to cook his own birthday meal without sounding mean 😉

I always joke about Mr C’s BBQ lighting skills as it literally involves him squirting an entire bottle of lighting gel over it, he insists it’s the only way to do it but I think he just enjoys making a huge fire.



We were sent the BBQ along with a range of Jamie Oliver BBQ tools and the timing of it couldn’t have been better as it meant I got to give him a much better birthday present than I would have been able to buy him. The BBQ is awesome, we’ve only ever had small ones before but this is so sturdy and you can wind the coals up and down which is a feature Mr C was very impressed with.


jamie olvier bbq tools


It’s so nice to be able to spend so much time outdoors at the moment, I love this time of year so much and the kids really enjoy playing outside before bed. Cherry decided she wanted to ride her bike without stabilisers the other day so Mr C took her out and she just did it. Proof that when they are ready to do something it just happens.


Although she still needed a little help from Tiger on the steep part!



grillchef landmann bbq

landmann bbq


Thank you to Debenhams for sending us this BBQ set, they have some great gifts for men in their Father’s Day gift section so if you are stuck for ideas then do go and take a look. Father’s Day is on the 19th of June. Their garden section is great too, full of furniture to make your outdoor area ready for summer.

When you’re sorting your garden out for the summer, why not add something that nobody else has, for example a garden office so you can take in nature while you are doing work.

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