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Festival Fashion With Zalando

by Jessica Amey

We were at a festival last weekend (Larmer Tree, post coming soon) and I spent many years going to Glastonbury when I was growing up. There are certain things you can wear to make life easier at festivals, one of which is shorts. During the wet years at Glastonbury we all found shorts were the best things to wear because you wouldn’t get too hot if it was sunny and your legs would dry out really quickly if it was raining, compared to trousers / leggings / skirts which would all end up being soggy for the rest of the day.

Another important thing when you are at a festival is to make sure you are protected from the sun, hats and sunglasses are really important as even on cloudy days you can catch the sun when you are out in it from dawn to dusk. I can remember one Glastonbury where I was so burnt, it was not a good look!

Obviously the other thing is to be prepared for all weather situations especially in this country, it can go from summer to winter in the space of five minutes and it will usually always get cold at night so packing a big warm jumper is a must.

Here are some festival fashion picks from Zalando..


Wellies are a must for festivals, if it’s cold then you can wear some warm socks with them but even a light shower can make a field muddy when hundreds of people are¬†walking through it. I make the mistake of not taking some to a festival once and it turned out to be a mud bath so I ended up spending a fortune on buying a pair when I was there. I love Joules wellies, they come in lots of fab designs and are really comfortable, I have a pair myself.

Scarves are another useful item for festivals as you can wrap them around your shoulders if it gets bit chilly. I love the floral pattern on this one, Zalando have a great range of scarves.

A lightweight coat is also useful when it’s a bit windy, I love the colour of this Adidas by Stella McCartney one.

A rucksack style bag can be useful for carrying all your essentials round the festival.

A wash bag you can carry all your toiletries to the sinks in for washing is also really useful.

And of course a weekend bag, I love the print on this Even&Odd one.

And lastly, wearing wellies in the sweltering heat isn’t very nice to taking a pair of sandals is also a good idea, there is nothing worse than only taking wellies to a festival where the sun shines all weekend!

Don’t forget that you don’t really need to go over the top with what you take as there are so many amazing stalls at festivals these days selling all kinds of unique items to stand out from the crowd, as long as you have all the basics then that’s all you need!

You can find all of these picks and way more over on the Zalando website.

Collaborative post.

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