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White Stuff Clothing Challenge

by Jessica Amey

A couple of months ago White Stuff asked me if I would like to take part in a clothing challenge. I had to pick a shirt and skirt to do an activity in and see how well it held up. Given that we’ve recently moved down to the beach and being down here is still a novelty (not sure it will ever get boring?!) we headed down there.

I went for the Lola Stripe Maxi Skirt and the Daisy Jersey Shirt, I am really going to sound my age now when I say that comfort is one of the first things I look for in clothing. I just hate wearing clothes that are too tight, especially as I am always running around after two young children. Both of the items I chose were really comfortable and made of soft material that is easy to wash, another important thing for me. I have no time to hand wash clothing and at some point everything will end up in the tumble dryer regardless of whether it is suitable, the shirt has already had that happen to it and it’s held up just fine.


I tied the shirt up as I have a weird body shape and things don’t fit me very well. I love the little daisies on it, I generally love anything that has flowers on it.

We had a little walk up the coastal path then headed down to sit in front of the beach huts, by which point the sun had come out which was nice. There hasn’t been many occasions so far this year when I’ve been warm enough to take my jacket off but this was one of them. I’m hoping we have at least one heat wave this year, I know I will end up moaning I’m too hot then but I would always rather be hot than cold.

white stuff clothing

Tiger took this water bottle everywhere with him for a few days, it was so funny. On one occasion we had to stop and wait for him to spray every single bird poo with it, given we live by the sea it took a long time to get anywhere!

white stuff clothing challenge


If you would like to see what the other 2 bloggers chose then you can head over to the White Stuff blog where the quality clothing challenge has been posted 🙂

Thanks to White Stuff for working with me on this challenge.

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