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The Importance Of Choosing A Good Coat

by Jessica Amey

If you follow me on social media then you will notice me moaning about the cold at this time of year. I’m not a fan of winter and this year especially I am finding it particularly difficult, the thing is that I would happily hibernate and stay indoors for weeks but obviously I can’t do that because of the kids. I struggle going out of the house for any reason, especially for reasons like going to the gym. I just wish that staying indoors to crochet and watch films whilst eating food counted as exercise!

We live near the coast and there is always a bitterly freezing wind at this time of year, in fact we tried to go out for a walk on New Year’s Day and ended up lasting five minutes before heading back to the car! It was painfully cold. There is one thing that we aren’t very good at though and that’s dressing for the cold. Cherry refuses to wear hats and doesn’t really like wearing coats, Tiger wanted to wear his racer fancy dress outfit which again wasn’t really weather-proof and I had lost my hat!

My other problem is that I seem to choose coats for how they look over how good they are at keeping me warm. I used to love vintage faux fur coats and I still have a couple in my possession but as much as I love them, they don’t actually do up so aren’t much good for keeping me warm!

Then this winter I decided I was bored of my faux fur coats and wanted a teddy style one which I happened to find my a colour I was having a bit of an obsession with (mustard) and it was in the sale so super cheap so that sealed the deal but as much as I love it and it does actually do it, it still just doesn’t keep me very warm, probably due to the fact it’s not very thick or well made.


I think given my struggle with the cold I need to choose a proper ski-style coat with proper heat insulation. My friend has been telling me this for years! I think I just put it off because generally they are a bit more of an investment, although I guess you can’t put a price on being warm!

Even in spring you need a good coat, the English weather is so unpredictable that I’ve actually worn my winter coat in summer before! I have a denim jacket which I usually wear in the spring as it’s a bit lighter and easier to carry around if the sun comes out and it gets hot.

So apart from the odd day during a heatwave it’s pretty important to have a good coat. Whether that’s a ski jacket, denim jacket, faux fur coat, faux leather coat, a stylish women’s duster coat, mac or raincoat, you definitely need one, or all, of those in your wardrobe for a year in our country!

What coat couldn’t you live without?

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