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Fun (And Cheap!) Date Night Ideas

by Jessica Amey

During this lockdown we’ve really learnt that having fun doesn’t need to cost money and as we move out of it we are determined to keep up some of the changes we’ve made when it comes to entertainment.

For instance going to the cinema and pizza used to be a regular activity for us but if we stopped to add up all the money we spent on it then we would be able to go on a holiday instead!

For couples who have been cooped up for months and are looking forward to date nights again, how about considering some of these ideas which won’t cost a lot of money?

Go camping
Not everyone’s cup of tea but a great way to connect with nature and if you pick somewhere secluded then it will feel like a real break from everyday life. If a tent is too extreme then you could always use a campervan or find a cheap deal for a night in a shepherd’s hut type place.

BBQ on the beach
If you live near a beach then heading there for a bbq is a super fun thing to do, I like to do it in the evening when it’s quieter but it’s fun in the daytime too.

Go on a hike
Exercising with great company is a winning combination!

Visit a spa
This is one of my favourite things to do, it’s not the cheapest activity but if you look for special offers and are free to go in quiet times then you can usually grab a bargain.

DIY spa night at home
If visiting a spa is still too expensive then why not have a DIY spa experience at home. Put on face masks, give each other a massage and have a hot bath using lots of essential oils.

Go wild swimming
If you live near a beach then that’s a perfect place but if not then there are websites listing good places for wild swimming in your area. Summer would be the best time for this in my opinion but there is lots of research out there about the benefits of cold water so maybe try it in the winter too! You can take a flask of a hot drink to warm up after.

Work out together
This is one of my favourite things to do, we do at least one class a week together. Boxercise is my favourite as we always have a real laugh because we work together.

Games night
We play chess as it’s my favourite but any board game can be fun!

Comedy night
Laughing is so good for you and can really bond you together so why not see if there are any comedians performing locally.

Go for a bike ride
If you don’t have anywhere to ride from your house then there are lots of forestry places that have bike trails.

Activities like these can really help to bring you closer together. If you are still struggling in your relationship and want to look at counselling options then click here for more info, saving money on your date nights can mean you have some spare cash to spend on couples therapy which will be far more beneficial further down the line.

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