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When Is The Right Time To End Your Marriage?

by Jessica Amey

I’ve always felt strongly about sorting out any relationship issues at the time they arise so that they don’t become a bigger problem down the line. Quite often something fairly small can turn into something massive if it’s left to simmer.

For instance, if your partner does something that doesn’t make you feel happy, maybe they don’t listen to what you’re saying and it makes you feel unheard. Over time if you don’t sort it out with them you might start to feel resentful, you might not want to open up to them as a result and it might start affecting your sex life. Years down the line you might have a full communication breakdown and think the relationship is over when it might be something they didn’t even realise they were doing and had they known they would have made an effort to stop.

I think this is very dependent on what it is the person has done though, there are some more serious issues that show a real disrespect and might not be so easy to overcome. There is definitely a line and sometimes if a relationship issue doesn’t get any better or someone isn’t willing to work on it then it might be time to end the relationship.

Relationships aren’t always easy and it takes two people to give it their all to succeed, if one person isn’t bothered and the other one feels like they making all the effort then there is every chance that one day that person will decide it’s over. It’s better to never leave things that late.

If you have issues you feel you would like to talk through with your partner but aren’t sure where to start then there is lots of help available out there, the internet is a great place for help and advice and you can even seek relationship counselling online. A lot of people feel more comfortable doing this then actually going to speak to someone in person. This article by ReGain has lots of advice about when to draw the line in a relationship.

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