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How to Design a Bespoke Wardrobe

by Jessica Amey

It’s an excellent idea to have a customised closet in your bedroom. It contains everything you want based on your needs and preferences. The furniture will stand out in your bedroom and make it more attractive. Since the closet can hold all your clothes and accessories, storing them won’t be an issue. The next step is to determine the design. It might not be very easy if you’ve never tried designer furniture before. The good thing is you can work with bespoke wardrobe Leeds builders. They will sit with you until the plan is final. They have worked with various clients before and guaranteed excellent results. If you don’t know where to begin, these design ideas will help you.

Find the right spot
Since the built-in wardrobe will be in one area, it must be the perfect spot. You can no longer remove it from the location once it’s already there. Envision how the furniture will look like once the builders finish the job. Where will it look great? Will it be easy to move around?

Answering these questions will help you determine the perfect area. 

Look for existing designs
You don’t need to design your closet from scratch. Instead, look for existing designs and tweak them. Perhaps, you can browse lifestyle magazines and websites. You will have more ideas about how to improve your design. But, again, you still want to have a great closet and make it your own. You may change the colour, materials, the number of panels and shelves, and other
minor details.

Check your needs
Before you obsess about the aesthetic appeal, you must start by addressing your needs. It’s the primary reason why you decided to build customised furniture. You want all your clothes and accessories to be in one area. Organising and storing them won’t be a problem if the closet can accommodate them. If you have shoe collections or several jewellery pieces, you must consider them in designing the wardrobe.

Choose the best material
Another advantage of opting for customised furniture is choosing the best material. Ask your builders to explain to you what the options are. The cost might vary depending on your chosen materials. However, it doesn’t mean you will settle for the most affordable choice. Remember, the bespoke wardrobe will be in its exact location for a long time. Therefore, you want to invest in quality materials to ensure longevity.

Check your bedroom theme
Your closet design should match the overall theme in your bedroom. Of course, you don’t want it to look lost in a sea of accessories and furniture. The colour must also be similar to the rest of the items inside your bedroom. You must have a unifying theme to improve your appearance. Find neutral designs, too, if you wish to change your bedroom design in the future.With these tips, you will soon have an excellent closet. Don’t worry about the price since you’re getting the
best furniture. It would be worth whatever amount you’re going to spend.

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