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How To Fill Your Time Following Retirement

by Jessica Amey

I was recently commissioned by Sunlife to discuss the following topic.

Lots of people actually struggle when they have to retire, they have become so used to working their wholes lives and that routine has become so well ingrained that the idea of not doing it anymore can actually feel quite scary.

Obviously this depends on whether you had a job you enjoyed or not, for some waving goodbye to work is the best thing they’eve ever done!

One of the big changes that comes with retirement is suddenly having lots of free time, a day can go really slowly when you don’t have any plans to fill it with so the most important thing to do is find things you enjoy. After all you’ve worked hard for all those years so now is the time to have fun!

Here are some ideas of how to fill your free time…

There are so many different crafts out there, thanks to Pinterest you have a whole range of tutorials at your fingertips too. From traditional crafts like crochet (my personal favourite) and knitting to more modern ones like macrame and punch needle.

I think everyone has an interesting story to tell and I would have loved to have read a book my gran had written about her life. You don’t have to think about writing a book to be published, although if that’s a goal then why not?! Just a book to leave to your family would be a lovely idea and a great use of free time.

If you enjoy to cook but found you were too tired in the evenings after getting back from work then why not get into cooking, you could have friends over to try your creations or even get into baking and join a local WI group.

Similarly to cooking if you found you were took busy to exercise whilst working then why not find out about some local classes to join, it’s also a great way to meet new friends. My local village hall has yoga and dance classes for people of all ages and I know lots of places have the same.

Obviously this one depends on your finances but if you are in a stable position and want to see the world then why not go for it?! Even if you are single you can find some group holidays where you can meet other like-minded people. From walking holidays to yoga retreats to your good old sit on a beach and relax for 2 weeks, there is a holiday for everyone!

Reading is such a great way to pass time and completely free too if you join your local library. I absolutely love getting absorbed in a good book, there is nothing better. You could even find out about joining a local book club so you can meet other people and make it a more sociable event.

Obviously you don’t have to be retired to enjoy these things, you can be any age, I know that I would happily spend all my time doing them now, unfortunately I don’t have that much free time though. Is it too early to start listing things I want to do when I retire?!

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