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How to Get The Luxury Look Without Breaking the Bank

by Jessica Amey

Living a luxury lifestyle can quickly get expensive, especially when it comes to fashion. Even the most fashion conscious of us sometimes balk at the costs of looking our best. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can not only score those luxury pieces for less, you can also augment your look to emphasise the most luxurious elements. And all of this can be done without putting a serious dent in your finances.

Spend Smart, Not High
When you are putting together your own luxury look, it generally makes much more sense to do it piece by piece, rather than splashing out on a whole new wardrobe all in one go. Even just adding a single luxury piece to your look can dramatically change it, and even enhance some of the more unremarkable pieces in your collection.

If you already have some luxury items in your outfit, ask yourself which single item of clothing you could add to enhance your look the best. Let’s say you already have a high-end designer scarf and jacket but are sticking mostly with generics and mid-range labels everywhere else. You might choose to add something else to your torso area to give your outfit a solid luxury core.

For example, a Balenciaga T-shirt, or Balenciaga Hoodie from the Balenciaga FW18 Collection would be a great choice. The range of styles they offer makes them perfect additions to a diverse range of styles. Those who like to embrace more urban fashion trends will be hard pressed to find a better label, especially at the price.

On the other hand, if you are just now looking at making your first luxury fashion purchase, it’s a good idea to first put together an outfit out of the clothes you already have in your collection. Looking over this outfit, you can then decide which elements you most want to enhance, and which you think will make the biggest difference to your overall look.

We all have different preferences as to what aspects of our outfits, and ourselves, we most want to show off to the world. Remember, your priority should always be ensuring that you are creating a look that will give you confidence, and which you enjoy being seen in. A stylish luxury outfit that pleases onlookers but leaves you feeling underwhelmed isn’t worth the time or money involved.

One of the most common mistakes made by new fashionistas is that they feel the need to dive in at the deep end with a big and bold purchase. On the contrary, it is often much more efficient, even more effective in some cases, to start with something much smaller. This is particularly good advice for those who are only just beginning to find their feet with luxury fashion and aren’t yet feeling confident enough to five into a big, expensive purchase.

Accessorising an outfit is one of the most cost-effective ways of enhancing it. This applies just as much to luxury and high-end fashion as it does to your everyday outfits. Luxury jewellery is obviously going to set you back quite a bit, so some of the bracelets and rings that you might use with other outfits are going to be prohibitively costly here. If you’re ready to bite that bullet though, go for it!

For those who don’t want to spend quite so much on their accessories, a nice pair of sunglasses won’t set you back nearly as much. We have a good few months of the summer sun left, so a pair of nice sunglasses will be just as practical as they are stylish. Similarly, a nice luxury purse is always a fine choice for any woman who wants to add some style and elegance to a more formal outfit.

Watch Where You Shop
Just as important as working out what it is that you are going to buy, is knowing where you will be buying it from. The world of e-commerce is a far cry from the lawless frontier of its earliest days, but it is still all too easy to be duped and scammed if you aren’t careful. You can certainly find some excellent deals online, but the old adage “if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is” holds just as true on the internet.

Shopping on the high street, you are much less likely to encounter the same kind of unscrupulous behaviour, but you still have to contend with radically differing prices between different retailers. It is always worth shopping around and, of course, always poke your head around the door if there’s a sale on!

The world of luxury fashion is utterly intoxicating to those of us who adhere strictly to it. Whether it’s the way that the finer materials feel on the skin or the fact that we feel as good as we look, luxury fashion is unlike anything else. If you’re smart and consider your moves carefully, you can achieve that luxury look and feel without having to empty your bank account.

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