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How To Help Your Child Choose The Right University

by Jessica Amey

Watching your child grow and progress through life is an exciting and emotional experience. If your child is looking at going to university, it is completely normal to feel nervous alongside the pride. A degree is designed to better a person’s future, it prepares them for a whole new area of work, and it is a massive financial investment, making your involvement in their decision important. However, there is a fine balance, and any input you have should be to better your child, not yourself.

University is a huge step and will have a massive impact on your child’s life and future, so they should have the most say in their decision. Your opinion is nonetheless valuable, and understanding and helping them with their choices will make the whole transition easier for the both of you. Today,
we will be taking a look at how you can help your child choose the right university and course.

Make a List
A list is a great way to start helping your child choose the right university for them. This will help you see the pros and cons for each course and institution, which can play a huge role in making their decision. This can help rule out certain courses and institutions, making it easier to narrow down the options. There are many things to consider when choosing a university, such as their ranking, the course reviews, graduate employability, the cost of living, the safety of the area they choose to stud
in and how close they will be from home. Your son or daughter may not have taken these things into consideration, which is why you should help them when making a pros and cons list.

Give General Support
If your child is applying for university whilst at college, their tutors will provide them with all the information they need in order to apply by helping them set up their UCAS profile, but they will have little say in your child’s choices. As a parent, your main role is to simply be there and continue to be there for your child. The extent of support you provide your son or daughter will depend on how undecided they are about their university and degree choice. If they have been reaching for a certain
goal and want to continue to work towards that goal, then they will know exactly what course they need to go for and would require less help in making a decision. If your child is unsure about what subject they want to study or what career to go into, then you will need to spend more time with
them and provide more general support. Encouragement and support are very important during this time, from being interested in the situation to just checking how they are.

Attend Open Days
This is one of the most simple but effective ways to help your son or daughter pick the right university and course for them. Going to an open day allows you both to see how far the institution is away from home, it gives you both an opportunity to speak to lecturers and students, and allows them to get a feel for the university and the area. You should make sure your child is prepared for the open days and has a list of questions that they want answering and you should do the same for yourself. If you ask questions and get your own answers, then you may be able to help your child if any questions come up days or weeks after the open day. This will make the open day much more worthwhile.

Do Your Research
Carrying out your own research is important as you may pick up on things that your son or daughter misses. If they are really stuck on what university or course to choose, then your own research may help them make their final decisions. You need to know what you are talking about before you tell
them your thoughts. One of the things university applicants forget about is the ranking of the university they choose to study at.

For example, a Russell group university will do a lot of good for your child’s future, especially if they are planning to get into a competitive field. To help you with your research, you should use University Compare. They provide you with information on Russell group rankings and these ratings will help you choose the right course for your child. University Compare also provides other advice that can be used by you and your son or daughter to help you gain a better understanding on what each university in the UK has to offer.

Question Their Intentions
Asking your child what their intentions are is important. You need to ask if they want to study this degree because they are going to enjoy it, if it will help them with their future career goals, and if they will be academically good at it. If they want to move far away from home, then you need to asif they feel comfortable and ready to be so far away from their comfort zone. If they plan to move close to London, you will have to help them understand that living is going to be more expensive and they may need to work alongside their studies in order to afford a decent lifestyle. However, you need to ask these questions and give them advice in a way that doesn’t freak them out or make them feel uncomfortable.

Following the steps above will help your child make the right decision when choosing a university without being too pushy. Your child will always need your love and support, but now they are getting older, giving them space and independence will help to prepare your child for the world
outside the home. This will help to set them up for life without you at university, making them happier and more settled in return, which will help them get the most out of their university experience.

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