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How To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

by Jessica Amey

Energy bills just seem to getting more and more expensive and with some winters here in the UK feeling like they are lasting forever (like this one!!), keeping warm comes with the added worry of how much it’s going to cost you.

Last year we had some nice weather really early on and it seemed to just last for months whereas this year it feels like we’ve only had a couple of warmer days and it’s now May and we are still waking up to frost!

As a result not only do we have our heating on more but it means we are also using our tumble dryer still as it’s just not been warm enough to hang our washing on the line yet.

Here are a few tips on how you can save some money on your energy bills, even during a never-ending winter!

Shop around
Obviously the first step is to make sure that you are with the cheapest supplier, there are websites that let you compare and it’s pretty easy to switch these days. We switched to a green energy supplier a few years ago then switched to a different one a couple of years later as they were offering a better deal. Look out for friends posting discount codes too, a lot of companies offer an incentive to join for the customer and any friends they refer.

Turn down your thermostat
Apparently just turning it down by one degree can make a difference to your bill over the year, try not to keep turning it up high then down low too. Keeping it at a stable temperature is more energy efficient. And how about turning it off completely over night? We do this as even on the coldest nights I hate having the heating on when I’m in bed.

Consider heated towel rails
If you are having problems drying your towels and find you are putting your central heating on just for that reason then it might be beneficial to install an electric heated towel rail for your bathroom. It means you could have a warm room when having a bath or shower too.

Turn off appliances on standby
At night go around and switch off the plugs of anything that isn’t used. You can even get apps which control your sockets these days so you can do it from the comfort of your bed if you forget!

Look at the energy ratings of appliances before you buy them
A+++ appliances can result in cheaper bills, they can also be priced higher though so you might need to do a bit of research before you choose which one to get.

Draught-proof your house
Insulating your roof or choosing better windows and doors can all keep warmth in your house therefore reducing how often you need to have your central heating on.

Hopefully these tips will give you a few ideas on how to save some money on your energy, of course if you are able to then just layering up and not using your heating much is a great way but I hate being cold so that doesn’t work for me!!

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