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Reasons Why Road Trip Holidays Are Awesome

by Jessica Amey

I absolutely love road trips, when the sun is out there is nothing better than driving with the windows down and exploring new places.

Of course it’s not always the most relaxing option as driving can be hard work in the heat, then there is trying to read maps or check your sat nav isn’t taking you on a ridiculous route (mine usually is!) and some people, like my partner, just don’t enjoy driving on the roads (he’s more of a race track kind of driver) so there is no way he would want to spend his holiday driving. Luckily I do love driving though, and I hate being a passenger so it works well.

Choosing the right car can make it enjoyable too, a Jeep for example makes a perfect road trip vehicle! Or how about a G-Wagon?

If no-one in your family / friends enjoys driving then a road trip holiday probably isn’t for you but if you do then here are some reasons why road trip holidays are awesome..

It’s like multiple holidays in one
Depending on where you visit, you could potentially mix several different holidays into one. If you started by a coastline then headed inland to a city before going into the mountains and ending by a different coastline you are going to feel like you’ve experience a lot more than staying in one place.

You get to really experience life in that country
When you stay in one place you don’t get a full idea of what life is like in the country you are visiting but when you drive around and see different places you get a much better idea. For instance when you head off the beaten track and end up in places that aren’t very touristy you will really get a feel of a place.

You have freedom to decide what you do
If you get bored lying around a pool all day then a road trip is perfect as you can just make your trip as full as you like.

You can try lots of different food
A road trip down through Italy for example would mean you get to try so many different regional dishes, and for food lovers this is a great thing!

You can be flexible
Not an option for everyone but if you didn’t want the stress of reaching certain places at certain times you could just see where you end up each day and find somewhere to stay as and when, maybe having a tent in the boot would be a good idea too!

You could even rent a campervan and choose different caravan parks to stay in, some countries are more relaxed about you parking up anywhere too although always check as it’s not allowed in some places. Whether you drive a campervan or a Jeep there is lots of fun to be had on a road trip. If you needed any parts for your Jeep then they are available at MOTOR-DOCTOR.CO.UK.

Happy road tripping!

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