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Recognising The Signs Of Female Hair Loss

by Jessica Amey

When it comes to hair loss, there is definitely more of a focus on the male population rather than the female population. The problem is that many women across the UK do actually experience hair loss as time goes on and they are usually unaware of it until it is too late. This is why we have put together some tips on how you can recognise the signs of female hair loss so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Your Parting
For those who part their hair, you can get accustomed to how it normally looks when you style it every day. Over time, as you start to lose your hair, your parting can become a bit wider or thicker. This might not be easy to spot if you are looking at your hair every day as you’ll get used to how wide it is as time goes on. This is why you should take a good look every now and again or take note of how wide your parting is. This way, you’ll know if it is getting wider and you are experiencing hair loss.

Thinning Hair
The hair loss in females tends to be a little different in comparison to what men experience. You may be familiar with your male family members or partner developing bald spots, but it is important that you take a look at the top of your head as well. In females, you are more likely to have your hair get thinner rather than develop bald spots. Consider the thickness of your hair and how thick it used to be if you want to check for hair that has thinned.

Your Scalp
Can you see more of your scalp now than what you used to? Take a look back at some pictures of you from a while ago and you might find that your scalp has become a lot more visible and you have been losing some of your hair. If you take some time to pull back your hair and access the situation, you’ll be able to figure out if you have been experiencing any hair loss.

Visible Hair Loss
One of the most obvious ways to see if you are experiencing hair loss is to check things like your shower or pillow to see if there is a large build-up of hair. Of course, even people who are not experiencing hair loss should find that this is true but what to look out for is hair accumulation. If you really want to access this properly, you’ll need to pay close attention as some hairs might get washed away or fall off your pillow.

Make sure to look out for the signs of hair loss if you want to be able to catch it before it becomes a huge problem. Although you can’t always prevent hair loss, there are some things that you might be able to do to prolong it.

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