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Relaxing Things To Do On Your Day Off

by Jessica Amey

In most developed counties, many people work about eight hours on average during the weekday whilst weekends are used for relaxing. However, if we can all be honest, those two days before Monday comes knocking again are almost always never enough. Something always comes up when you make your mind relax. If it’s not a memorial service of a larger-than- life family figure, it’s the kids’ PTA meeting again.

So, getting a day off in today’s bustling workweek is a goldmine if you use it well. What to do can be daunting considering the endless list of relaxation options competing for your attention.

Here are some relaxing things to do on your day off.

Treat Yourself
Backpains and headaches are a mainstay for many workers doing the nine to five. Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle with a predictable cycle. You start by catching the bus or driving to work, using the office desk all through the day when you arrive, and end with catching the bus or driving home.

This cycle repeats for five days and a huge part of it is spent sitting, which has various implications for our health and wellness. Nearly 8 per cent of working adults globally complain of lower back pain. The good news is that you can battle the pain in various ways, including visiting the spa and using high quality CBD gummies. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it’s a
common herb used by many people to relieve stress and anxiety. However, there aren’t enough studies to prove its effectiveness, so it’s always best to consult with your doctor before consumption.

Go For a Quick Run
Exercising is an understated stress reliever but many people never get the right memo. They end up stressing themselves while chasing muscle-flexing goals, which might be of little benefit unless you’re a bodybuilder. Relaxation is one of the main objectives of exercising. It reduces stress hormones and enables the body to secrete endorphins which are feel-good neurotransmitters for the brain.

Going for a quick run on your day off can help you shed off steam and create the right headspace for the long haul. You can gain a lot more from your morning runs if your route passes through green areas so you can soak up nature en route.

Hit The Dancefloor
Did you write off dancing as a relaxing activity? You can pardon yourself for that and get your dancing shoes ready. Dancing is one of the few relaxing things you can do without trying too hard. Whether you’re break dancing, tapping your happy feet, or doing the good old ‘one, two, three, and pull’ move, we’re all on the same page.

But the relaxation you get from dancing doesn’t come from the moves alone. The music fueling the moves also plays a part. Music can be therapeutic and there’s nothing as relieving and relaxing as giving yourself to a favourite playlist that always gets you in a happy mood.

Take a Deep Power Nap
Days off come with an objective. Your employees would want you to recharge for the remaining working days so you can bring your best. Power naps can afford you just that, just as the name suggests. What’s more important is the intentionality associated with power naps. You take them purposely to recharge you, and the brain grants your wish.

Generally, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the relaxing things to do on your day off. However, they can be a great way to start, and they’re mostly DIY, so you won’t have too much trouble making it work for you.

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