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Taking A Data Detox

by Jessica Amey

In today’s world of social media and internet use we have probably all heard things about our ‘data’ but I’m not sure how many of us really understand how it all works, myself included!

Our data details can range from our name, date of birth and email account right through to our hobbies and buying habits, even going as far as more personal details such as our bank details and sexual orientation.

How many times do you accept the cookies button on websites without even thinking? Well this is all the data you could be passing over every time you quickly click the button.

Thankfully data protection laws have been changing over the last few years, since it’s introduction in 2017 and we can now ask companies what data they hold, what it’s used for and request for it to be deleted.

This article by Rightly shows all the biggest industries and what type of data they hold, you should check it out, you could be surprised!! This shows the results from retail sites and it definitely makes you question why they would need all of this to simply make a purchase!! Surely all they should need is your name, address and bank details?!

Have you ever noticed how when you buy a product you start seeing adverts for it on social media? If you also notice this and aren’t comfortable with it then a data detox could be the way to go.

Rightly can help you get your data deleted or reclaimed and it’s completely free. You can choose from a huge range of companies (around 10,000!) then all you have to do is set up an account and they will contact the companies for you.

They also offer a whole range of other services. I’m definitely going to do mine.

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